Tuesday, April 22, 2003


Ack. Going back to work tomorrow, Hmmm...I don't know how I feel about this. It's good because being hobbled at home is not a good thing, but loads of free time is. I always thought that if I could just sit at home and write, I'd be a content and happy man. This was not always the case in the last month and a half. I need a vacation. Maybe I'll sneak in the luggage when my girlfriend goes to Europe.

So this is my last night of freedom.
Did I finish anything worthwhile?
Let's see...

Kevynn, did you finish a couple of screenplays?

Well, Ummm...I worked on em'.

You should be done with at least a couple final rough drafts, you should have been writing everyday.

Dude, you want to go outside and have a smoke with me?

Stop changing the subject. What else did you work on?

I...uh, wrote a lot on my blog thingy...and I tried to learn more html.

Your site looks the same. And you always write on that thing anyway. So, what else?

I wrote some stories.

Where are they?

In the computer.

Okay. So is porn. Useless, Kevynn.

I submitted a story to Marvel!

That was this week. What were you doing for the other month and two weeks?

Ummm...sleeping, I guess.

And playing video games, writing on other people's blogs, drinking and watching T'V. I thought you hated TV?

I do, it was just hard to move and -

Shut up. you suck. Goodbye.

I just tried to dial the number of my conscience.
All I got was an echo.
I think it's mad at me and moved out.

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