Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How in the heck can I wash my neck...

I prayed to The Rain Gods to give more than the sporadic, half-arsed effort that they presented to us earlier today and thought that if I was a god, I'd want to be a Rain God because, I mean - who would really want to be an important god, you know? Like, one responsible for people's luck, salvation, punishment, revenge, and answering the pleas of perverts that swear that if they get away with this, they swear they'll never, ever do it again.

Dude, a Rain God only produces rain. That's it. And it's either a yes or no answer that you ponder over, and if you DO decide to answer a prayer and make it rain, you've only got ten options from that point on - you can make it rain on a Level One Intensity up to Level Ten.

That's it. If you're a Rain God, the rest of your days are spent drinking light beer and playing super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo system. Word to that, brutha.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I am writing so much on work-related things that aren't The Great American Novel - that my Tom Sawyer feels like it's going to Catcher In The Rye out of my To Kill A Mockingbird.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Wrote "Replay". Mormon master of Sci-Fi. Even better with her new nose. Where is he? Used to be cool. My oldest buddy. Could beat up Butler Jarvis in a fight. Writing genius. R.I.P. R.I.P. Soon to fight The Marvel Zombies. Duck, duck - DRUNK! M.I.A. R.I.P. R.I.P. Never finished the four books I've had at my disposal. Miss her. R.I.P. Drank aplle juice on stage. Gummy Bear-y juice. Hot. Went down like a bitch. Genius. Donde esta el Panchen Lama, chintos? D.L.M. es yr berfday. Wil Wheaton and I talked blogs b4 They Might Be Giants played. Iron Fist. Still can't find that book. (sigh). The Four. Ugly behind an iron mask. Bck in black, Spidey. Sederra. Love. Juliette and The Licks. Porno. Jae Lee. Rodney Mullen. Lincoln. The Diviners. Sarah Brown. Obesity meets Crispin Glover. Where are you? Beer. Where are you? Minotaur. R.I.P. Dee. Dharamsala. David Greybeard. Drexel. Rob Lowe. Ramona. Elmore Leonard. Frank Miller. Free staring tomorrow. Zod. Ghost Rider. Che Guevara. Shemp. For Better Or For Worse. Choamsky. Roge. Adderral. Marriage. Foghorn Leghorn. Soup. Lycanthropes. Black Pepper. People. Hard-to-do. Ritalin.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Kenneth Grimwood. Orson Scott Card. Ashlee Simpson. Adam Langlois. Selina Kyle. George Little. Alfred Pennyworth. Warren Ellis. Charles Bukowski. Gladys Horn. Ash. Grey Goose. Man Or Astroman. Wrist Action. Hannah The Cat. Fight Club. Sindy. Kerouac. Dean Martin. Gummy Worms. Hermione. Kit Fisto. Charlie Kaufman. The Dalai Lama. D.L.M. Shawdy. Wesley Crusher. Bruce Lee. The Trolley Car Family. Hunter S. Thompson. Elijah Snow. Victor Von Doom. Mary Jane getting shot by a sniper. Sedera. Elizabeth Hurley. Mallory Knox. Irvine Welsh. Stephen King. Roney Mullen. Large Mouth Bass. Precipitation. Egon Spangler. Willy Wonka. David Hammamoto. Anti-antiobiotics. Shane Brooks. Theseus. Carl Sagan. Joe. Buddha. Gombe National Preserve. Clarence Whorley. Demi Moore. Beezus. Hokey Pokey Elmo. Las Vegas. Beer. Boz. Benjamin Grimm. Sonny Chiba. Bruce Campbell. Calvin And Hobbes. Socrates. Dee. Flintstones Vitamins. Marvin Gaye. Daffy Duck. Sundried Tomato Deviled Eggs. Werewolves. Blank Paper. Tomorrow. Sleep. And Restless Leg Syndrome.

Find The Panchen Lama....

Fuck Waldo.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


In the the land of Wii's and I-things -
There are smoking craters
Burned huts
(fill in the blank)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Burger Time...

Bad poetry is bad poetry
bad poetry
can sometimes
become good poetry
if it's not

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Maybe Deja-Vu Is...

That somebody in an alternate universe is reading that book about you, the comic book or watching your movie and either had to re-read that sentence, chapter, etc. or rewind to the last part before the phone rang or having to feed the dogs.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Pole Position...

Seriously - I love words.
Paragraphs and stories.
All of it.
Love telling them and hearing them, reading them.



Friday, January 05, 2007


Was excited to knock out me ditching my current auto insurance company for another one because I'm letting it lapse out on The Sabbath - did all of the finalization at the office at the worst time possible. Didn't get my emailed PDF files until I got home. Gave it to my girlfriend to look at the coverage, etc.

Why does it say the (insert name of older car here)?

Dude. Seriously?

I now have a car that I don't own, insured for the weekend.

For the guy who has no health, life or dental insurance.

But I do own the first appearance of Sentry, Speedball, Carnage, X-23, Concrete, AvP, Black Mask, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Darkseid, The Excelsior Team from BKV's Runaways, Ventriloquist, Anarky, Penance, Jigsaw, Jubilee, Marvel Zombiefied Fantastic Four, Deadpool, Cable, Warpath, Spiderman's black costume, John Constantine, Elijah Snow, Illuminati, Nuke, Elsie Dee and Albert, Arana, Damian Wayne, Bane, Azreal, Killer Croc, Ezekiel, and the ghost of Princess Diana...

Nerd Insurance.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

That Kid...

in Ultraviolet w/ Milla Jovovich -
I also remember him with Nicole Kidman in the movie, Birth.
I wonder if him, getting all close and snuggly with two hot girls as a child actor's gonna screw him up in later years?

I doubt he cares.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boz is a genius!!!

Boz fixed my archives AGAIN!!!
But seriously, Boz is a genius.
And he has a great personality too.
And small children and animals like him too.
And if they gave lifetime achievement awards to people nicknamed Boz, Boz would win it every year.


Man, why do I always have archive problems? mememeeee?

Karma sandwich.