Monday, June 30, 2003

I'd Go To The Gunshop First And The Liquor Store Second...

Saw 28 Days Later. Damn, see the movie. Don't listen to anybody else, remember - people never know what they're talking about. Especially when it comes to movies. Especially me, right? It was the best fast-moving zombie-type movie that was directed by Danny Boyle and written by Alex Garland that I've ever seen. Alex Garland wrote The Tesseract, The Beach, and nothing else that I knew of. I always checked the library to see if he ever released anything new, but I couldn't. I didn't know that he wrote it until the credits started to roll. Bastard snuck underneath my radar somehow. I would've rather've read the book first, biotch. Yeah, I just said rather've.

This is probably the only movie review I will ever write. There are obvious reasons for this...


Dude, Buddy Hackett died?...

Yeah, I'm a fan of The Little Mermaid too.

Please Hammer, Don't Hurt Em'...

Oh man, it's gonna be one of those days, isn't it?
If things already start suckin' - and it's not even noon,
go back to sleep or get drunk.

Where Do You Think You're Going, Captain Solo?...

Even if I'm dead tired.
I can't leave a gibberish message like that.

So, my camping trip kicked major booty. It was hot as hell, but I knew it was going to be. I now have a very red back in the shape of a wife beater. The t-shirt, not ( fill in the blank with the name of a major star or sports figure who beats their significant other. ) I drank a coke that had a bug in it and then it bit me on my lip while it was inside my mouth. I saw coyotes, kangaroo rats, snakes, birds that looked like Elvis, crazy Germans, and swdish girls riding bikes out in the desert. I cheated and went back into town and ate a salad from Jack In The Box. I drank a lot of water. I drank a lot of Bud Light, which is basically the equivalent of water. I called my girlfriend and Joe, Cheech and Chong, Beavis and Butthead, Shaggy and Scooby, and Dawne and Joe - all in the space of one smoke-filled car ride. I hiked two miles yesterday on some ungodly, horrible, but beautiful trail that led to an abandoned gold mine. I almost gave up twice. I thought that It was a hard trail or that I was out of shape. Joe said that it was both. Joe's body is still there. I was sneaky and tried to get into the mine. I didn't climb over the fence to the main mine - I slid under the fence. Like I said...I'm thin. I finished a book. I won't tell you which one, becasue I waaaas kind of embarrased to be reading it. Not Harry Potter. There was a meteor shower on both nights, and I managed to not see one meteor. I blame GOD. I used an axe. I like chopping wood. My toes get scared, though. I probably listened to forty CD's. I was worried about my cats. I was worried about bills and my mail. I felt weird about not writing. Then I felt like a jackass for even thinking about it. I went rock climbing, but had to take it easy. Bum ankle. Bum Dee Dum Bum. I'm already forgetting all of the things I did. I stared up at the stars a lot. I stared into the fire more. I mercy-killed a big, fat bug that flew in and out of our fire pit. It was about the size of your computer mouse. I was going to say something else. I am very tired. I must go. I will not use spel check. I really and drifting off right noe. I thank you. I'm serious. I just spilled a Sprite. Goodnight.

Stephen. Jack Stephen...

Falling asleep at keyboard...must go sleep.

Me talk to you, tomorrow. Today.

I am Kevynn's lack of sleep.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Henry David Thoreau Was A Pussy...

Yeah, part of my birthday thingy / extravaganza is I'm going away for the weekend. Where am I going? Vegas? Catalina Island? Fantasy Island, boss? Disneyland? Some swanky hotel? Yes, all of those. No. I'm going to Joshua Tree National Park, Bono. Yup. It'll be at least 100 degrees tomorrow and 104 on Saturday. Don't try to rob my house either, you cretins - because I'm gonna have somebody staying here while I'm gone. His name is Bubba. He spends time in and out of prison. He is strong. He has boyfriends. Yeah.

Anyway, it is fun, though. I like it up there. Nobody is around. You can drink yourself to oblivion, talk to coyotes, burn a lot of things and forget a can opener so that you have to use a knife to get to your food. Sweating is good. You don't even have to have sex with somebody that you met in a bar to get that way. I won't be climbing around on the rocks like my usual monkey self, though. I'm a little handicapped now. I'm bringing my cane, just in case. I'm also bringing Justin Timberlake. You never know when he might come in handy.

So, It's getting late and I'm making last minute preparations. Guess what we don't have yet? Hmmm...a tent. Firewood. Ice. Directions. Small stuff. I can't wait to wake up early in the morning. makes me feel all giddy just thinking about it. I'm a morning person. Yup. Hell no, I'm not. I'll wake up if you have a gun pointed to my head. I'm one of those types that never likes to go to sleep, suffers from bad insomnia, but when I'm actually asleep - the last thing that I want to do is wake up. Mi ojos es treiste.

When I'm away, I'm going to make friends with all of the coyotes. All of the Mexicans too. Coyotes first. I'm not going to shave. I've never been able to grow a beard. I've always wanted to, but it just wont happen, folks. I can only grow a mustache. It's kind of embarrassing after a couple of days without shaving. I look like a cross between Genghis Khan and Cheech Marin.

Wish me luck, bastards......

Thursday, June 26, 2003

If Your Beers Are Too Warm, It's Time To Get Air Conditioning...Or To Drink Them Faster...

Wow. Apparently, I was added to the links section of a radio show hosts web page. I vaguely remember seeing some hits late last night, but I was too drunk to really know what was happening.

Whomever you are I'd like to thank you for adding 400 and counting hits to my itty, bitty site today.
Next time I see you, I'll make sure to get somebody to rub your crotches for you. Serious. Thank you, Catherine Martin for referring me. I like the description. You don't happen to be the same cheerleader that went to my high school that was a junior when I was a senior that went by that name? You were really hot, and we got together a number of times, but you talked like a baby, and had the smarts of a buffalo? A retarded buffalo? You talked in some kind of lispy, baby language with your best friend Donna? And she was pretty too, but had a messed up lip because your dog bit her in the face when the both of you were young? And both of your families sued each other, yet you were both still friends? Can I say both again, please? Somebody killed the dog afterwards. You both probably saved the shotgun shell and talked him to death, huh? No, wait...That was Catherine Marshall. Sorry. I'm glad that you weren't her, Catherine. Even if you were, I'd still thank you. You're in my cool book.

Yo Te Llamo. And, ummm...Remember The Alamo.

You all make me tingle in a bad way.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Go Shawdy, It's My Berfday...

maybe he’ll feel a sharp needle ping in his crotch
right at the accurate moment of conception or ejaculation
of twenty-eight years ago

maybe she’ll feel a piano string snap of guilt
From within her uterus

it was the age of creation
it was hot
it was raining red worms that night outside the hospital
lightning flashed
burning a patch of them against still stained asphalt
the smell was awful inside
and brimstone wafting from her straddled legs

the power went out
an elderly dying lady let out a final shriek
before plummeting into a blacker than black world

we saw death that night

the night of my birth

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Demi Moore Thinks That Men Who Don't Use Spell check Are Sexy...

It's always nice to get called in to work when you have the day off, but it's all over, so - no worries. Afterwards, when I was walking out towards the parking lot, I saw the homeless guy that I always see around who carries the silver briefcase. Murder was the briefcase that they gave me, Snoop says...anyway...Demi Moore on Letterman? Hold on. Wow.

So, I say hi. To the homeless man - not Demi Moore, I ask if he's hungry. I was carrying home some food. He tells me that he's got a toothache, and he finds it hard to eat. He sometimes screams out in public or talks to himself, but I always make it a point to talk to him, and he always snaps out of it, is really polite, and quick to go back to talking or screaming right after we exchange pleasantries. Tonight, I gave him some money again and then he told me that I looked like a movie star, that I looked like Bruce Lee's son or something. Ha, that was great. I've never gotten that before. I was about to bust out with the obligatory Harry Potter comparison that I get because of the spectacles. Spectacles - the Greek god of seeing. Testicles - the Greek god of fertility. Demimooreiclies - my god, how hot is she?

Uh, yeah - so, my homeless friend said that I loked like Bruce Lee's son. I was afraid to ask if I looked like him now, or when he was alive. The he said that I looked like a Hollywood actor or something, that he wished me the best, and that I'll be a super rich star. Super Rich Star. I like that. I told him to wish me good luck, and he did. And then I went home in my dusty car that I haven't washed professionally in almost a year.

Am I a Super Rich Star? Only if you make me feel like one. Homeless or not.

Thank you, briefcase man...

Monday, June 23, 2003

Some Things...

Don't be a dummy. Remember to remember to pay for your drinks. I don't wanna have to chase after you, because then I'll charge you double. I'm still bummed about missing that party. Luis said that it was the best party he's ever been to. My birthday is coming up. I am more concerned with making my car payment on the 30th and making rent by the 5th, than anything else. Last year, my gal threw me a surprise party. I was asleep in the car right before. After they yelled SURPRISE!, I called them a bunch of pig fuckers, gave them the bird, and then proceeded to karate chop everybody in the wind pipe. I think my town is being invaded by english blokes. They're everywhere. I think that this year, I haven't finished reading more books than have. On my birthday, I want to go to Chuck E. Cheese, and then a strip club. Or maybe, Ill strip at Chuck E. Cheese. It's time to go. Goodbye.

No Doubt...

Talked to Luis tonight and he told me about the party that I missed on Friday night. Two open bars at the house, a dance floor, and the lovely Gwen Stefanie. Ummm...I will never have a pary at my house ever again, because now I'm too paranoid about missing something. I don't care if it's a funeral next time that I have planned - I'm ditching it to party like a rockstar with the rockstars. Damnit.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Smells Like Weed In Here...

My house is pretty damn cool, but I've got to say Joe has the best friggin' pad. Bachelor pad, ladies. I'm typing on his little Sony Vaio Laptop thing, Listening to his bad ass stereo, watching his big ol' TV. I'm drinking a Heineken. I haven't had one of these skunky things in a while. I killed Joe, that's why I'm here. Now I'm playing with all of his stuff. No, we just had to stop by his house so that he could, umm...get something. Tony had a bad day today, blew a gasket in his head - I mean, car and could use some cheering up. By the way, how the hell did Tony get so fucking tall? He used to be like, a foot shorter than me in high school, the bitch. I stopped growing. I was always kind of hoping to be like a couple inches taller and about forty more pounds of muscle. Ha, like care...ummm...Joe just put on the Playboy channel, it's making it kind of hard to concentrate. Playboy's Screen Tests? Ummm....what's that like? Okay, this isn't working for me. Either no breasts or no writing...


Friday, June 20, 2003

There's A Place In France...

There's so much rum and wine in the house, that there should be some law against it. This much hooch is bound to lead to no good. I might end up humping something by the end of the night. Not my girlfriend. Not alive. Not proper. Oh, and if you're hungry, you should stop by. I sure as hell ain't gonna be eatin' any of this stuff. I'm drinking my dinner tonight. But, my gal's a trooper, everything looks very nice. And, yes...I am typing as friends are over - but that's normal. They're used to it. I just saw a possum. Chris just said that I was like Edward Scissor Hands on the computer. I think I have to go now. Oh, and I have topless pics of my girlfriend. They go to the highest bidder. Oh, and I also will have topless pics of me by the end of the night. If anybody actually bids on them, then you get it. You sicko...


Did you get invited to a party at Tony Kanal's house? Yes. Are you going to go? No. Why not? Because we're having a wine and cheese party here instead. Doesn't that suck? Yes. I would've liked to pee on his rug and hump Gwen's belt buckle.


Thursday, June 19, 2003

Harry Potter, The Order Of The Pheonix Excerpts Free Download Samples Hee Hee Hee Cats That Look Like Patrick Swayze And Patrick Stewart...

So am I going to get a Twilight Zone-type curse now? I've always entertained the fantasy of what I would do if everybody left the earth for whatever reason, disease, germ warfare, some comet doing something in that horrible 80's movie, whatever...I've always been fascinated with the whole man-alone-apocalyptic thingy. Why? Don't know. Maybe because I'm a snoop. Maybe I'd like to spend time rifling through peoples houses at random and see how they're living. Maybe I'd like to drink all of their beer and open up all of their drawers. Yes, it'd be lonely - but this is pretend. I could carry around a bunch of guns, raid toy stores, pee in SUV's. I could spend the rest of my crappy life reading comics and catching up on the X-Men. I couldn'r watch movies because the electricity would be gone. I'd be chased through the streets by packs of dogs and dive-bombing parakeets. Somehow, I'd wind up with a monkey - I just know it. That'd be cool. I'd teach him how to load bullets into the clips of my firearms. I'd probably dress better. I'd carry a can opener. I'd talk to myself even more than I do now. Read Earth Abides by George R. Stewart, that was a good book, even though that the main character was a conservative, racist, holier-than-thou dick. The Stand was a kick-in-the-pants. I'd probably finish my own books and screenplays. I bet more people would read them then, huh? I'd seal off and fortify my city and rename it HELL or something. Eventually, I'd find my way to an island and just make do there. Maybe I'd find a tiger, or a dinosaur or something and let my monkey ride on top of him and take notes for me.

Maybe there's an island somewhere in the world now for people like me...with bars on the windows...ha.

Riddle Me This, Batman...

I've never been able to decide if Sarah Jessica Parker is hot or not. Hmmm...

2600 With Wood Paneling...

There's a commercial on the TV for a car that has the old arcade game Asteroids in the beginning. I'm sorry that the last three posts were about TV, by the way, but I can't help it. My gal is asleep, so I sometimes put on the huge ass TV on instead of music, I like to steal glances now and then. Anyway...seeing Asteroids on a modern day TV looked kind of cool, it made me want to dig up an old Atari and play some of those games, or at least that Nintendo that we have in the closet. I could go for some Legend Of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, or Duck Hunt. I just might have to try that after I get off of work tomorrow. Or I could just be responsible and let sleeping, sleep and not get hooked back up again..err...yeah.

Collect 100 coins and get a free life. Mario's a bitch. Q-Bert had no arms. Link was gay. Dig Dug was dirty. Pac Man was a fat slob.

Goodnight / morning.

Laugh It Up Fuzz Ball...

I'm watching humans in monkeys suits fight each other on Discovery Channel. There's something disturbing to me about humans in monkey, I mean ape suits. I don't know why. I'd rather see Chewbacca fight em' all. If George Lucas was smart, he'd create a show called The Adventures Of Chewie. Everybody's favorite wookie would fly around the galaxy and solve mysteries. Kind of like an inter planetary Colombo - just without the lazy eye.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Jeebus Christ...

I love The Simpsons, but I've probably only watched a fourth of all of the episodes unlike some of my friends. But, then again - I don't smoke pot, so that might be the reason I find it hard to plan to watch anything on television. I usually find something by accident. Sometimes it's hard, doody-fresh. Anyway, how come every single time I actually get a chance to watch The Simpsons...It's One Of The Same Damn Episodes I've Already Seen???

Give a brutha a break, yo.

Let's Get It On...

As I write this, my girlfriend is puking...Welcome home, honey. Don't think that I'm an insensitive bastard - I already pulled her hair back in a ponytail, gave her water, took off her jewelry, and all of that stuff. I just peeked over. She looks pretty miserable, but that's what happens - doesn't it? Oh, you people crack me up. I know that I jump out of cars and crap when I'm drunk, I may write some nonsense on the computer - but, it takes a lot for me to kiss the butt seat. But, then I'm a wuss and only stick to the light beers and the ultra light cigarettes. This suits me just fine, Bubba.

At the bar, my gal and I were talking to a guy that I've served on my bartending shift. I always call him a cab. He put something in my hand as he got into his cab. Gee, thanks man. He gave me some cocaine. Uhhh...I smiled and waved. Looked at it. Yup, coke. Watched the cab leave and poured that stuff into the street. I guess I could have sold it, but I'd never sell that shite to a friend, so what's the point. Should I be touched? I'm so naive when it comes to that stuff. I never think that people that I'm mingling around with are doing drugs. Trust me, I'm no innocent - but, Damn, aren't we all getting a little older? This guy probably had kids too. I bet that he gives his kids shit for drinking too much soda.

Anyway, I poured it out on the street after he left. I feel sorry for all of the ants that OD'd because of me. I feel like a little kid when I find out that people are doing coke, heroin, and...organized religion.

I feel perfectly fine with my small vices. They suck. But they're damn cool right now, and the worse thing that I'll do is listen to this Marvin Gay song as my girlfriend expunges her Captain and diet cokes, Uh oh, shes not in the bathroom anymore....Okay, I just got her out of the bed and back to the toilet. Cough, Cough goes the gal, and I'm writing like a madman. I guess, maybe - I might be a little buzzed right now, because I'm going to tell you that I love you. Yeah, you, you sick bastard. Love my butt, please. And, the two new books that I'm going to start writing that have to be done by Christmas. Yeah, you heard me. I said it. Christmas.

And my birthday's coming up on the 25th, and it's a toss between a potential yacht trip with my friend's landlord, Chuck E. Cheese and then a strip club, camping, or just sitting at home and getting kinda kee-razy. Decisions. Choices. Your momma's got a mouth on the back of her neck, and the bitch chews like this... ( demonstration ).

As I write this, my girlfriend is sleeping...

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Choose Your Own Adventure...

Today's post will be written by you - Whatever you want to see see will be written by you in the commenting section. Bleed your heart out, whine, complain, tell me what you did today. What do you hate. Today is Your Blog Day. This is your day. Friends passed out. I'm a pimp. You're an elephant...

Monday, June 16, 2003

Super - Absorbant...

The word, " Tampax " just sounds dirty doesn't it? Or violent?

"Don't make me Tampax you!"

"I'm gonna kick you in the Tampax!"

"This is my aunt Tampax."

"I slept with a whore in Tijuana and she gave me the Tampax."

Friday, June 13, 2003

Like A Heart Attack...

She's back tomorrow. My girlfriend has had her fill of European sex, and is arriving tomorrow. I cleaned the house like nobody's biznatch. Everything looks good. I was pretty boring while she was gone, wasn't I? But that a good thing I think. But let me tell you, puppies. I'm about ready to get rip-roarin', stinkin' drunk tonight. Yup. That's right, people. Then tomorrow morning, it's all about the wonders of LAX. I have to remember to not wear any of my scary belts with all of the skulls or metal on them. Not that I don't mind taking off my belt in front of complete strangers or anything - but it's just a bitch to get them back on as your being hustled away dy a fat airport security guys hand. I don't know what I just said. That's okay. God damn full moon. I miss werewolves. Thank you.

i got the purple heart, that is so sacrilicousiously phantistic
you can help scare, oh i mean carry some shit
is that the goodbye you give everynight?
dude, i had good time tonight, all and all
that second one i felt
youre hairline is better than mine
can i use this cookie to dip into this salsa? he talks about profit

El Rey...

is he chicano? i think not. so what then, he makes one hell of a salsa. "the mexican approves!"
yeah, the mexican appoves! this is salsa. this is food. this is it. this is us. this is this. so, the mexican approves. so the mexican goes on in a stream of conscious.

like you care.



where am i again? oh, downstairs, with "Lucky" Rey and Drunken Chris Faux- Hawk.... there's just not enough beer in this town to be able to describe this... blood everywhere, cats digging at our faces, we don't have a chance. Drinking is our and everyones salvation, fuckers, and Strangers beware.... I'm armed to the teeth. Why are there so many reggae bands in our town?? We really don't have that much of an inner city trench town. Oh, well, as long as the over-set girls are jigglin', and the beers are affordable, and the juke plays that sick-ass music all night long, I'm a cappy hamper. there's a strong amount of distrust in the room, noone can be innattentive... the tensions are high, and one of us has resorted to childish vandalism. May any god that's up there have mercy and Barbecue Sauce on our souls.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

I Said God Damn...

I'm up. Why are you? And what the hell are you doing with yourself?

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Gucci Little Piggy...

So, we're about ready to get out of here. We don't know what we're goibng to do. goibng? What is that? Anyway, we're going out. You can come if you have money and I nice rack. Sorry about that. I'm just typing what my friend Chris who looks like Branden Fraser is thinking. He'd like me to go to a strip club tonight, but that's not exavctly my thing and I wouldn't want to waste the money on that type of thing anyway. I mean, what would I be going for? Boobs are nice, but porn is cheaper. Ha.

I know that I'll probably type when I get home. I'll probably tell you about all of the wacky hijinks that ensued. Hmmmm....I'll bring my little Moleskin notebook thing. Let me grab it right now. Okay, I'm good. Wish us luck. Hope that we find a genie in a bottle, or at least Christina Aguilera so that we could punch her in her dirty little crotch. Spellcheck is so last year. Fo'getit.

What Did E.T. Tell Elliott Before He Left?...

Forgetting what I was going to write about. Couldn't of been that important, could it? Who want's to come on over and rub my eyelids for me? Do it. I'll give you a dollar. I'm serious. It's almost my birthday, are we going camping? Do I care? Nope. Send me a package of tiny musicians. I want to let them run around by the computer, and then when I get sick of them - I'll coat them with sugar and unleash a hive of bees on them.

Am I mean? Yes.

Do I care? No.

Oh, it's just one of those times where you planned on
coming home straight after work and doing a bunch of productive things,
but you really ended up at home at 3 in the morning.
How does this happen?
Damn, I'm tired.
I don't know.

Fat Free and one friend would
be at the trash and then
turned it would think possessed.
I think And my girlfriend. goes
unnoticed. it, so shut it.
just spending my conscience.

Courtesy of Rob's Amazing Poem Generator.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore...

So, six guys made salsa at my house tonight. Is that gay? No, I didn't hire them or anything. No, they weren't naked and wearing nothing but aprons and chef hats. They were friends. The salsa was my idea. And no, we weren't at my house salsa dancing with each other. It just seemd like a good idea at the time. I made enough to feed a small army of Pancho Villa's, though. So, if you're hankering for some fire-burnin', sniffly-nosed good stuff, just come on over - I've got a half-full bowl of the goodness, some pot that some guy gave me last night even though I don't smoke it, MUSE is playing on the stereo, I have an ample amount of pussy-ass light beers, some fake buttery microwave popcorn, Coca Colas, and a scary movie to watch. You just let me know.

Thank you, Thank you.

I'll be here all night.

Please remember to tip your waitress...

Monday, June 09, 2003

The Obligatory Post-Bartending Shift Entry...

I think that the worst thing that one can do, is drink a lot and act like an idiot. I'm just to tired to tell you all of the stupis-ass things that I saw drunk people do tonight. Please don't talk politics either. Can you please yell at each other about something else? Whatever you think - somebody has said it before. Your opinion is not unique. Your statements are selfish and boring. Talking about politics is like having a theological discussion. Dude, kill me. This is why I don't talk about any of that stuff anymore to people. I've said it all before. It makes me ill, it's like flies buzzing around behind my eyes and static in my ears. Please, don't do it. Also, making out and/or arguing with your significant other isn't allowed either. You can only show me how much you're both in love, if I get to take your wallet and follow you home and hump your dog.

Oh. I don't like your stupid drinks either. I'm glad that you tip me, otherwise I wouldn't be making the shit. Everybody drink beer. I like to twist off caps or open them with the opener thingy. I like this system. Let's keep it. It takes me a whole two seconds. I can deal with this. Now shut up and drink your beer. I'm glad that you young people come to the bar too. Usually you're better to look at. You seem to tip better. But you need to learn how to fucking drink. Oh, and also? If you have no money Indie kid? Go away. What the hell are you doing here? Go read music magazines at home. Jack off to Pete Yorn and Blonde Redhead.

I took a taxi home tonight, isn't that funny? I felt kind of bad. The whole ride only cost about five bucks, so I tipped him six. I loved his middle-eastern music. I really would have loved to have him crank it up, I could roll down the windows, light up a smoke and just sing along. I didn't think about that until just now. That would've been nice. I never met a taxi cab driver that I didn't like. With the exception of those that drive in Tijuana. But that doesn't count because that's the worst place in the world. Don'y bomb Iraq - bomb fucking TJ. The only good thing about that place back in high school was...oh...nothing!

I'm not going to speelcheck this. I think that we can both handle it. I want a bow and aroow set. Right now. I want to stand out in my backyard, drink beers and shoot arrows. That's what I want to do. Make this happen please.

If you really love me, you'd send me to my room right now......

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Not The One With Sandra Bullock In It...

I've been waiting for this movie for a long time.
Poor monkeys...

Saturday, June 07, 2003

I Give Up...

I have the worst sense of direction ever. Freeways scare the shit out of me, and I have no idea where anything is. I know how retarded I am, so shut it. But, I hit an all time low today. Lower than the time when I was coming back from an ex girlfriends house, took one wrong freeway exit, and an hour later wound up at Ontario airport. TODAY, I took a wrong turn while trying to go to AAA ( not AA ) to get my new registration, and I ended up on a freeway. Took the first exit off, and wound up at the parking lot entrances of.........DISNEYLAND. Yeah.

I had the urge to pay for parking and just chill the fuck out, but I had too much to do.


Thursday, June 05, 2003

Bwahh Haaaaa...

Is Sharon Osbourne hot?

I think she is.

No, I'm sorry. P. Diddy is hotter.

What's A Penny Made Out Of?...

Yup. They impounded my car. It's my own fault really. I was going to finally pay my registration right before I threw myself out of a car. Hmmm... on my lunch breal, I'll have to go get new insurance, go to the DMV on Monday, then back to the police department, then to the impound. I'm calculating it to be about 600 bucks. Which I dont have. Well, I have money in the bank, but most of that's already owed to bills. I picked up another shift tomorrow night and one on Saturday night. I'll have to miss girls night out. All of the girls invited one boy out for girl's night out. Me. Oh well. And I work my bartending shift on Sunday night.

I'm telling you, I was really having a good day. There was a bounce to my step. I had a big smile on my face. I was paying bills and everything. Things always hit you when you're guard is down. Oh well, the sooner shit happens, the sooner that you can deal with it. I love you. Now I am going to drink beers and watch The MTV Movie Awards with friends. Fun.

Please send your donations to Lick My Butt, Sunny Southern California. The United States. Earth.

And I Was Having Such A Good Day...

So, do you think that my car was stolen or towed because of my registration?

I'm waiting to find out after walking home from work.


Humps and pumps and four-eyed chumps...


Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Marshall Mathers…

I think that I just commited a major sin. I just chucked a bunch of leftover M&M’s down the sink. It’s not as bad as when I stuffed that dying crawdad down the garbage disposal and then turned it on. It was a mercy killing. I liberated him from work the week before. Which is worse? The M&M's weren't dying, but they were getting old.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

A Wolf At The Door…

Recently, Amy Choppa and I were talking about favorite books of childhood...

Super Fudge.
Sheila The Great.
Beezus And Romona.
The Chronicles Of Narnia.
Henry And Ribsy.
The White Mountains.
Have you ever heard of anything called The Great Brain?
Encyclopedia Brown.
A Cricket In Times Square.
The Great Mouse Caper.
Where The Red Fern Grows.
The Bridge To Taribithia.
Dragons Blood.
The Trolley Car Family.
Swiss Family Robinson.
Runaway Ralph And The Mouse And The Motorcycle.
Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great.
Are You There God, It's Me Margaret?

Anyway, one of my favorite books of all time was The Brothers Lionheart, by Astrid Lindgren. She was the gal who wrote all of the Pippi Longstocking books. All of those were good, but this one was completely different. It was about two brothers, and one of them died, and it was about fantasy worlds in different dimensions and all of that. It's out of print. I tried to order it for years. One of the libraries in the neighboring cities had a copy when I was in high school, but I never could bear the guilt of denying the one kid out of the thousand that might pick it up, the chance to read it. I must've read that book at least six times in between the ages of seven and ten.

I just found a copy of it online. And now I'm going to read it. Hell yeah. But I'm scared. You know how it is. Stuff sometimes doesn't fare well versus the nostalgic power in your head. But, oh well...It doesn't matter. I'm going to transport myself back in time. To reading books in the big, ol' house where I grew up in. To this big, ol' house that I'm currently growing up in. Just now, I have a beer nearby instead of glass of Kool-Aid.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Rabbit In Your Headlights...

I love fucking salads. Not to have intercourse with, I mean that I love eating salads.
I've got pepperoni, pickles, and parmesan cheese in it, yo.
I will eat this beautiful salad as I watch The Big Lebowski.
Jealous? Yes. This is my post about salad.

Thank you.

2 + 2 = 5 . . .

Sometimes I leave my home, take money out of the bank, and then go to the bar.
Sometimes, I leave the bar, deposit money in the bank...and then go home.