Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Stone Cold...

I leave for Austin tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll write less, maybe I won't. Maybe I don't really care much. It's hotter here in THE OC than in Austin. That's kind of strange. usually it's the other way around for me. Yes, I said THE OC. I'm gonna pull a Paris Hilton and trade in my comfy life. I'm ready to milk some cows. Give me your tired, your weary, your cow manure. I'm tired. I should go to bed. I need to forget to pack things.

This is why I need to get away...

Writing like this...

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

There Must Be An Unwritten Rule...

That the more keys a man has jingling from his belt...

The creepier he is...

Uncle Rhesus Monkey...

I wish that when people talked about Hip Hop - they were actually talking about people that were hip, and hopped around a lot. Maybe, like, cool bunnies. All Little Bunny Foo Foo - but without the violent bopping of the heads.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Regarding Chewbacca's Inability To Speak Human And His Deep Feelings Toward Han Solo...

He would've said to Princess Leia, " Bitch! The man is mine!"

I think that Chewy would be the ultimate sexual partner because he functions as both a lover AND a blanket.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Not A Cool Title...

If I was an addict trying to score illegal substances at a party,
I'd bring along a K9 drug-sniffing dog.


Friday, February 28, 2003...

Bamboo Plants...

My name is Kevynn Malone. I am 5' 11' and a half inches tall. I weigh 138 lbs. My hair is dark brown. I have one brown eye and one light brown eye. My hair is short. I have a scar on my eyebrow from Ian punching me in a drunken fight club night. I have a scar on my nose from throwing it through the glass on a front door. I broke my wrist playing football in fifth grade. I have bad knees. I play Bass guitar. I draw one picture every three months. I write everyday. I am horrible at paying bills. Children like me. I have too many friends. I have too many enemies. All of my friends are talented and insane. I barely drive. I hate freeways. I like to read. None of my family lives in California. I have a girlfriend and two cats. My father used to work for a secret branch of the government. My mother is very short and could drink you under the table. She's a fucking scrapper in a fight. My father is shy. I am not. I sing a lot out loud. I used to skateboard a lot. I like comic books again. I want to be a movie star. I want my screenplays published. I did meet one of the studio heads from MGM yesterday, though. I want to be a Calvin Klein model. I like to buy action figures. Tonight I am going to Jen's house, then I am going to see Tony and Tom play at a bar. Tomorrow I am going to the library. Sunday? I don't know. I am looking forward to Kevynn Malone Day on March 5th. I encourage all to AIM me. We can all hook up that talky-to-talky option on it and drink together. I don't drink anything else but Bud Light. I'm a puss. I don't like to get in trouble anymore. I like to be awake when I drink. I should be getting ready right now, but I'm not. I'm talking to you and singing to Soul To Squeeze by Red hot Chili Peppers.........

I am happy. Mostly. I won't complain. I'm trying. Maybe not hard enough. I need to ignore you more and concentarte on all of the movie and book shit that I attribute 4% of my time to. I taught my girlfriend's niece all about Pez today. I gave her a really cool one today. We ate candy and filled all of mine up. I broke one. But it was a stupid one, so who cares. I need to hook up my photo scanner. I need to get business cards printed. I can dance, but don't. Much. I don't have a Play Station. I have a cool backyard. My neighbors are my friends. I buried my old cat in the backyard. I am friends with an eighty year old man. My youngest friend is four. I am twenty-seven. I believe aliens have visited Earth but don't believe in any of your gods. I don't like to watch wrestling. I like basketball and nothing else. I am unorganized. I think a lot. I wave to planes and helicopters. I don't like to kill ants, but will punch you in the face if you piss me off. I have to remind myself to breathe deep. I am more apt to look up or down than left/right or forward. I don't have a cell phone. I carry around a Moleskin in my back, left pocket. I hate coffee. I smoke. I have Buddy Holly-type glasses, but I need new ones. I paid three hundred glasses for these four years ago. I think I got my moneys worth....My vision isn't horrible. I am nearsighted. I eat a lot of salads. I hate sharks. I like monkeys.

I'll be back soon, nigga...

Thursday, April 22, 2004

ENOUGH. The Sovereign Of Asgard Has Greater Tasks To Attend Than The Subjugation Of One ALREADY Brought So Low. Take Him To The Dungeons, And Let Asgard's NEW Age Begin Forthwith...

Living life through the gray area. I see my reflection on the computer screen. It looks blurry and dark. I'll try to change it, to adjust it and to give the picture more clarity.

I spit hard outside before I came in here, trying to get rid of the excess that was in my system. A Buddhist mantra also came to my lips – but I cut it short. No matter how beautiful it is to cultivate peace and meditation – it still takes action and a little physical force to move things. If I can cut the roots of a heavy tree, because it’s blocking my way - then I’ll try real hard to move the damn thing. Even if it makes me more tired than I am now.

Now I don’t see my reflection. The page that I’m typing on is a blinding white. I’m trying to darken it with my words. To blend it into Grey. Then, after I’m done. When I’m ready, I’m going to turn this damn thing off.

Let it go black...

Monday, April 19, 2004

They Might Be Wil Wheaton…

Went to see They Might Be Giants on Friday. Thanks to Cartoon Pig for the tickets. It was at the House Of Blues in Anaheim. I’ve never been to this one – only the one out in L.A. I like the layout of the L.A. one better, but this one was nice and simple. Cool in my book. Nice and simple always works for me. Concert venues, stores, diffusing bombs…stuff like that.

I met Wil Wheaton at the bar. I noticed the T-Shirt that he bought first, actually. I thought to myself, “smart guy”. None of that waiting in line crud after the show. Then I noticed that he looked like my friend, Brandon, then I noticed that he looked like Wil Wheaton, then I noticed that he was Wil Wheaton. I introduced myself, and then later, introduced him to my girlfriend. He was a very nice guy. Not that ever expected him not to be. We talked for a bit about writing and whatnot. He had just finished his book that day. Good for him. I’ll buy it. I like his writing. I tried not to bend his ear too much, even though I had a million geeky questions about small press publishing, writing habits, influences, comic books, voice agents, role-playing, and Warhammer 40k. The show was about to start, Cartoon Pig was already inside and a $4.50 Bud Light can of beer was calling my name. That might be the first time that I’ve actually met a real, published writer. Ray Bradbury was speaking at the library right down the street from my house years ago, but I couldn’t get tickets. I talk to myself a lot – but I don’t count because I’m a hack and wouldn’t want to ask myself anything anyway because I’m rude, condescending and always have food in my teeth.

On Saturday, I played poker with some friends and ended up splitting the pot. I dug myself out of a hole and ended up with $180. Not too shabby. Maybe I’ll email Mr. Wheaton and invite him for some poker, beers and geek talk if he’s ever in my neck of the woods. I don’t think that we live that far from each other. One famous geek, one not. I’m not the famous one – but I will take his money. Ha.

Sunday, I worked fourteen hours straight.

Today…I wrote this.

The end.

Stop It. C'mon, You Can Do It...

Someone has found Fat Free Milk through Google about a hundred times in the last couple of days by typing in Obsessive Compulsive disorder. Dude. Get help. And give me a dollar. You must. Seriously.

Friday, April 16, 2004

They Might Be Giants...

No fights.
Well, maybe - y' never know.
But how much harm can a geek do with a slide ruler?
Maybe a lot.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A Testimonial From My Friend Baxter...

"When he has his first book published in a format that requires a barcode on the back jacket, I will undoubtedly add the title to my favorite books list. I would also like to point out that Kevynn is an early example of what happens when our troops go to a foreign country for no reason, get their ass kicked and f*ck the natives. We should be seeing more recent (and hairier) examples in about nine months."


I love flat tires after you get off of work.

I'm SO horny about them.

John Wayne Was A Prick...

Big, tall racist, cowboy ass. All of his movies are outdated and worthless now anyway. Tell us how you really feel, Bub? Props to his son for selling his image out on those old Coors Light commercials too. I used to think that his offspring sucked for doing that - just like Fred Astaire's too - but when you think about it. They were both pricks probably and the kids needed the money to pay for therapy. No. That's not fair. Yes. Yes, it is. I really don't know about Fred, but John Wayne was a crap head. Now, Robert Mitchum...THAT'S a real fucking cowboy.

I have no idea why I started writing about this.

You and me both.

And Spellcheck.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

No More Reading About Star Wars Stuff For Me...

I mean...even my nerds are growing nerds.


I don't know either.

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain...

Thank you to The Jesus Bunny for giving me the day off on Sunday. No bartending for me, folks – so that meant serving drinks to myself. Which is cool, but not as financially lucrative. So it goes.

I bought fourteen dollars worth of Halibut that nobody ate. Joe bought enough steak to feed an army – which everybody later ate. Played poker, and then ended up getting drunk with Tony and taking pictures into the wee hours of the night. Gay. Yes. But fun.

I've reached an all time low.
My pic's on the internet.
Might as well log on to a Star Trek message board now...

Monday, April 12, 2004

The Grand Ennui...

kvn: how ya been, punk?
boz: that's not a sweater thats a bondage vest
kvn: ha.
boz: I'm good, I'm always good
kvn: Cool. Im half-crazy. The same.
boz: so tell me about this donnie darko fetish you have, is there a book, cause the movie really sucked
kvn: Half-Viet, half-Irish, half-insane.
kvn: Dude. So original. So much a better piece of writing than half of the shit out there.
kvn: Not the best - but original, at least.
boz: figured there had to be a book, because the movie really didn't answer anything
kvn: You remind me of Frank - the bunny.
boz: I thought I reminded you of the roberta scurvy
kvn: No. No book. recommend a movie to me then, bubba
kvn: nothing funny
boz: have you seen Frida?
kvn: comedies are boring
kvn: BERT?
kvn: no. but i heard it was good.
boz: Frida with salma hayek
boz: yeah, real good, about an artist not reaching her potential, sort of like someone I know
kvn: Generally movies about painters suck, though...Stealing Picasso...Bisquik, Pollack...
boz: this had sex in it
kvn: Dude. They made a movie about somebody that reminded you of yo - I mean...The Hard Artist? wow.
kvn: jk. Hard kicks butt.
kvn: sex is good.
boz: I wasn't thinking about Hard
boz: I was thinking about someone who used to sleep with him
kvn: I'm getting kind of bored with the internet and writing on it - can you tell?
kvn: I know you didnt mean Hard. ha.
boz: funny thing though, the less you write the more comments you get
boz: I know you know I didn't mean Hard, I just wanted another chance to tell people that you used to sleep with him
kvn: Crap. Seriously, nobody comes around as much anymore. I used to get crazy amounts of people - but now it's a slow trickle...
kvn: Don't care too much though.
boz: ebb and flow, you have to go with the ebb and flow
kvn: Fuck. I just wrote something and it didnt go.
boz: on the zonk?
kvn: I know. I love it more than hate it. I just want to leave the internet as NOT my only sorce of writing. I want to get back to my old school productive ways again. Y' know. Pen. Paper. No distractions other than the ones with lungs andd telephones.
kvn: my fault. not the zonks. spelling? my fault. not god's.
kvn: sorce?
boz: can't you write on the computer, that's the way stephen king does it
kvn: Shit. He's a madman. And a REAL writer, not a hack like me. And even though he's brilliant - he's got buck teeth and an ugly that must make it easier to write. No distractions. Socially or romantically.
kvn: That was harsh, Stephen - my gog. Writing muse. I apologize.
boz: gog?
kvn: god, i meant. I feel bad.
kvn: That was horrible of me to say.
boz: it was, and his wife reads my blog
kvn: Even though Bukowski was ugly, Hemingway was fat, and Kerouac ended up marrying his fat, ol' mom.
kvn: Damn. There I go again.
kvn: I'm sorry.
kvn: And they were all alcoholics too.
boz: you think mariel hemingway is fat?
kvn: Damn. Again.
kvn: MAriel Hemingway has King's teeth.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Cartoon Pig Radio Mention...

Props to the man for my radio show mention.
Much love to the cow that died to feed my belly.
Thanks to Jesus for doing...whatever he did.

I enjoy not working on Sunday, bloody guy.


Gonna pull your ears off...


Friday, April 09, 2004

Uneven Bedford Blazer...

ÈÒäیÏ åãÏی?Ñ ÑÇ¡ Çی ÌãÇÚÊ ÓÇÏå Ïá
ÊáæیÒیæä ÑÇ ÑæÔä ãی ˜äی ãی Òäی ÔȘå Óå¡ äæÏ ÏÇÑÏ æ ããÏ ãÇیáی äÔÓÊå æ ÏæÈÇÑå ÏÇÑå ÕÛÑی æ ˜ÈÑی ãی ?یäå ! ÌÇáÈ Çیä˜å Çیä ÏÝÚå äå Êæ ?æÔ ÎÈÑä?ÇÑ ÒÏå¡ äå ÏæÑÈیä ÔãÓ æ Êæ ÕæÑÊÔ ÎÇá˜æÈی ˜ÑÏå æ äå ÎæÇÓÊå ÍÇá ÑÖÇ ãÇáÏیäی Ñæ È?یÑå !
Ìá ÇáÎÇáÞ Çیä ããÏی ÚÌÈ ÇÓÊÚÏÇÏ äåÝÊå Çی ÏÑ ãÇÓãÇáی ÏÇÑÏ åÇ !! ÝÑÏæÓی ?æÑ ãیÇÏ ÍÑÝ ÈÒäå åã?äیä ãی Òäå Êæ ÐæÞÔ ˜å Ïی?Ñ ÌÑÇÊ ÍÑÝ ÒÏä äãی ˜äå ! ÈÚÏ ãی Òäå ?Çی ?Ôã ÑæÒäÇãå ä?ÇÑÇ æ ÈÚÏåã ?äÇä ÍÇáی ÇÒ ããÏ ÏÇϘÇä ãی ?یÑå ˜å ä?æ ! ÏÑæÏ ÈÑ ÔÑÝ ãÕØÝæی !! Çیä æÇÖÍ ÊÑیä ?Ç?å ÎæÇÑی ÏÑ ãیÇä Çåá æÑÒÔ äÓÈÊ Èå ی˜ äÝÑ ÈæÏå æ ÔÇیÏ ÊÇ åÒÇÑÇä ÓÇá Çیä Ìãáå ÞÕÇÑ ããÏی ÒäÏå ÈãÇäÏ æ ÎÏÇ ä˜äÏ ˜å ããÏ ãÇیáی ãی ÎæÇÓÊå È?æیÏ ÏÇϘÇä ÔÑÝ äÏÇÑÏ ¿!
ÇÚÕÇÈ ÂÏã ÎæÑÏ ãی Ôå ÇÒ Çیä ØáȘÇÑی æ ?Ñ Ñæیی ! ãی Òäã ÔȘå ÎÈÑ ÏÇÑå ÏæÑÈیä ÎÈÑÓÇÒ äÔæä ãیÏå ! Çی ÈÇÈÇ ÈÇÒã ÇیäÇ ÏÇÑä ÏÚæÇ ãÑÇÝå äÔæä ãی Ïä !
ÈÇÈÇ Ìæä Çä?ÇÑ Çیä ÊáæیÒیæä ÔÏå áæäå ÒäÈæÑ åÇ åÑ ÌÇ ãی Òäی یÇ ÏÇÑä ÍÇá ãی ?یÑä æ یÇ ÏÇÑä ãی Òää æ یÇ ÏÇÑä ÝÍÔ ãی Ïä ! Çå
ÕÈÍ ÑæÒäÇãå åÇ Ñæ ÈÇÒ ãی ˜äی ! ÝáÇä ÝáÇä ÔÏå ÇÒÊ Ô˜ÇیÊ ãی ˜äیã. ãی ˜ÔیãÔ ÏÇÏ?Çå ! Êیã Çáã?ی˜ Èå Îјی ÊÑیä ãåÑå Ó?ÑÏå ÔÏ ! ÈÇÈÇ Çیä ?å ÇäÊÎÇÈیå ¿!
ãÛÒ ˜å åی?¡ ?Ïä åã Êæ Çیä ÇæÖÇÚ ãی Êјå !
ÝÏÇÑÓیæä æÒäå ÈÑÏÇÑی ÝáÇä ãÔ˜á ÑÇ ÏÇÑÏ¡ ˜ÔÊی ÈåãÇä ãÔ˜á ÑÇ¡ æÇáیÈÇá ÈÏÊÑ ÇÒ åãå¡ ÝæÊÈÇá ˜å ä?æ¡ ÌÇäÈÇÒÇä ÏäÈÇá ãæÞÚیÊ ÇÓÊ¡ ÈÇäæÇä åã ÏÑ?یÑ ÎØ æ ÎØæØ ÌÏیÏ. ãی ãÇäÏ ˜å Çیä æÓØ ÈÏãیäÊæäی åÇی ˜å ÈیÇäÏ æ ÇÚÊÕÇÈ ˜ääÏ. ÈÚÏ ÇÒ Èæ˜Ó ?Ôã æÑÒÔ Èå ÊÍÕä ÏÑ ÈÏãیäÊæä ÑæÔä ! ÍÇáÇ ãÇäÏå ãäÊÎÈ Êیã åÇی ˜ÇÑ?Ñی åã ÏÑ æÑÒÔ?Çå åÇ Èå ÌÇä åã ÈیÇÝÊäÏ¡ ÂÎå Çیä ÇæÖÇÚ æÑÒÔ ÏÑ ÔåÑÓÊÇä åÇÓÊ. ÏÑ ?äÈÏ ÈÇ äÆæ?Çä åã?یä ãی Òää Êæ ãáÇÌÊ ˜å یÇÏ ÇÈæی ÌÏÊ ÈیÝÊی ! ÍÇáÇ ãی ÎæÇی ãÑÈی Êیã ãáی ÈÇÔی ãی ÎæÇی åÑ ˜ÇÑå Ïی?Ñ !! Êæ ÇÕÝåÇä ˜å ÇÕáÇ ÑÓã ÏیÑیäå ÇÓÊ ÞÈá ÇÒ åÑ ÈÇÒی ãیÇä äیãå ÂÌÑ ÈÇ ˜Çãیæä ãیÑیÒä ÈیÑæä æÑÒÔ?Çå ÈÚÏã ãی?ä Èå ÝÑãæÏå ! ÒÏä È?å åÇی ÊåÑæä ÇÚã ÇÒ æÑÒÔ˜ÇÑ æ ÛیÑå ÖÑæÑی ÇÓÊ. ãیÑی ãÔåÏ ?äÇä ÊáÇÔی ãی ˜ääÏ ˜å ˜Ê˜ ÈÒääÏ ˜å ä?æ¡ ÏÓÊ ÂÎÑ ÈÇ ÍãÇیÊ åãå ÇåÇáی ãÍÊÑã ÎÑÇÓÇä æ ÇáÈÊå ÈÚÏ ÇÒ ÚÐÑÎæÇåی ÇÒ ÇãÇã ÑÖÇ åÑ ?ی ÇÒ ÏåäÔæä ÏÑãیÇÏ äËÇÑÊ ãی ˜ää ! ÍÇáÇ ãیÎæÇی ÎÏÇÏÇÏ ÚÒیÒی ÈÇ äãÑå ãÔåÏ 11 ÈÇÔی¡ ãیÎæÇی Úáی ÏÇیی ÈÇ äãÑå ÇÑÏÈیá 99 åÑ ˜ی ãیÎæÇی ÈÇÔی ÈÇÔ.
ãیÑی ÔیÑÇÒ ÈÏÊÑ ÇÒ åãå¡ ÈÇ äÇÑäÌ äÑÓیÏå æ ãیæå ˜ÇÌ ÍÇáی ÇÒÊ ãی ?یÑä ˜å یÇÏÊ ÈÑå ÈÇÈÇ ÊÎÊ ÌãÔیÏ Êæ Çیä ÎØå ÇÓÊ æ ÇÕáÇ Ïی?Ñ ÍÇá äÏÇÔÊå ÈÇÔی È?ی ÎæÔÇ ÔیÑÇÒ æ æÕÝ Èی ãËÇáÔ æ ÇÒ Çیä Èå ÈÚÏ ãی?ی ÇãÇä ÇÒ ÔیÑÇÒ æ ÈÚÏ Èی ãËÇáÔ !!
ãیÑی ÇåæÇÒ ˜å ä?æ. ÝæÔ ãی Ïی ¿ Êیã ãæ Ñæ ãی ÎæÇی ÈÒäی ¿! Çیä یÚäی ?ÇیÇä ÒäÏ?ی ÏÑ ÚÔیÑå æ یÚäی Çیä˜å ÍÊی Ç?Ñ äÇÕÑ ÍÌÇÒی åã ÈÇÔی ÈÚÏ ی˜ ÝÕá ÏÑ ãیÑی ! ãیÇی ÂÈÇÏÇä ÈÏÊÑ ãی Ôå ˜å ÈåÊÑ äãی Ôå. ÈÇÈÇ یÇÑæ ÇæãÏå ãÓÇÈÞå ÈÏå ÈÇ ÂÌÑ ãی Òää Êæ ãÎÔ ÈÚÏã ãی ÎäÏäÏ ÈåÔ ãی ?ä : ÊåÑæä åãیäÌæÑی ˜ÑÏیä¡ ãÇ ÏÇÑیã ãی ˜äیã !
ی˜ی äیÓÊ È?å ÈäÏå ÎÏÇ ÊåÑæä ÊãÇÔÇ?ÑÇÔ ÌÑÇÊ äÏÇÑä ÇÒ ÊÝÍÕ ÇÓÝá ÇáÓÇÝáیä ÊÑیä äÞÇØ ÈÏäÔæä ÇÓÊÇÏیæã ÈیÇä !! ÈÚÏ Êæ ãی?ی Êæ ÊåÑæä ?äیä æ ?äÇä ˜ÑÏäÏ.
ÎáÇÕå ãیÇی ÇÒ ÏÑ ÇÑæãیå ÈÑی Êæ ی˜ ÏÝÚå ی˜ی ãی ?ÑÓå : äÌæÑ Óä ¿! ãی ãæäی ?ی È?ی ¿ È?ã ÎæÈã ˜å ÈáÇیی Èå ÓÑã ãیÇÑä ˜å ÈÑã Ïی?å ÈÑ ä?ÑÏã ! È?ã ÈÏã ãی?ä Çیäã ÇÒ ÝÇãیáÇی . . . . !! ?Ó ÈåÊÑå È?ã ÇÒ ÝÏÇÑÓیæä äÇÔäæÇیÇä ÂãÏã æ äãی Ôäæã.
ÇÒ ?یáÇä æ ãÇÒäÏÑÇä ˜å åã ÈåÊÑå ÏÑ ÍæÒå ÈÇÊáÇÞ ÍÑÝ ÈÒäیã. Êیæ? æ ØäÇÝ æ ãیá ?Ñ?ã ÇÓÊÇÏیæã åã ?Çåی ˜ÝÇÝ ÛÑÞ ÔÏä Ñæ äãی Ïå ! ÍÇáÇ ÈÈیäیÏ ?å ÈÓÇØیå !
ÎæÈ ! æÞÊی Èå ÓÑ ÊÇ ?Çی Çیä æÑÒÔ ?äÏ ãیáیÇÑÏی ˜å ÇäÏÇÒå ?یÓÊ ÌåÇäی ÝÑãæá ی˜ ÈÍÑیä ÇÑÒÔ äÏÇÑÏ¡ æáی ÇäÏÇÒå Ïå ÊÇ ˜ÔæÑ ÂÓیÇیی ( ãÚáæã äیÓÊ ?å ÌæÑی ) ãÏÇá ãی ÂæÑÏ æ åãیÔå åã ÈÇ ÔÇÎ æ Ôæäå ÎæÏãæä æ Êæ åãå ?یÒ ÞåÑãÇä ãی Ïæäیã¡ ?å ãی ÔæÏ ?ÝÊ ¿ ãی ÊæÇä ÔÑÇیØ ãÓÇÚÏ ?یÏÇ ˜ÑÏ !
یÇÏã äãی Ñå æÞÊی ÂÑی åÇä ÈÑÇی ÊÕÏی ?ÓÊ ÓÑãÑÈی?Ñی Êیã ãáی Èå ÇیÑÇä ÂãÏ ÈÇ æÇäÊ ?ی˜Çä ãÏá 49 ˜å ÏÑåÇیÔ ÎÑÇÈ ÈæÏ ÏÑ ÒãÓÊÇä ÈÎÇÑی äÏÇÔÊ æ ی˜ ?ی˜ äی˜ی ÈÑÇی ?Ñã ˜ÑÏäÔ ÏÑ ÒیÑ ?Çی ÑÇääÏå ÊÚÈیå ÔÏå ÈæÏ. ÈÑÏäÔ ÓÑ ÊãÑیä¡ äÔæäÏäÔ ?ÔÊ ãیÒ ÍáÈی ÏÑæیÔ !! ÈÚÏã Ìáæی ?ÔãÔ ?Çی ǘÈÑ یæÓÝی ˜å Èå یæÓÝی ÊÑǘÊæÑ ãÚÑæÝ ÈæÏ¡ ÏÑ ی˜ی ÇÒ ÕÏ ?Çáå Òãیä ÔãÇÑå 2 ˜å ?Çی ÈÒ ÊæÔ ?ی? ãی ÎæÑå¡ ÎæÑÏ æ Îǘ ÔیÑ ÔÏ. ÈÚÏã ÈÑÇی ?ÐیÑÇیی ی˜ ÔیÔå äæÔÇÈå Óå ÈÇÑ Ïåäی ÔÏå Ñæ ?ÐÇÔÊä ÌáæÔ! ÇÒ ÒæÑ ÝÔÇÑ ÔÈ åãæä ÑæÒ ÇÓåÇá ?ÑÝÊ æ ÈåÇäå ˜ÑÏ ÏÓÊ ?ÓÑã Ô˜ÓÊå æ ÏãÔ ?ÐÇÔÊ Ñæی ˜æáÔ æ ÝÑÇÑ ˜ÑÏ. ÍÇáÇ ÊæÞÚ ?ی ÏÇÑیã ¿! ÏæÈÇÑå åãæä ÈÓÇØ ÏÑ Çیä Ïæ ÓÇáå ÑÇå ÇÝÊÇÏå ÇÓÊ æ ˜ÇÑی ÇÒ ˜Óی ÈÑäãی ÂیÏ ÈÏÊÑ Çیä ˜å ÈÇÒåã ÓÇá ÞÈá Çáã?ی˜ !
Çی ÈÑ Çیä ÔÇäÓ áÚäÊ ! ÈÇÒã ÓÇá ÞÈá ÇÒ Çáã?ی˜.
ÇÕáÇ ?æیی ˜Óی ˜ÇÑی Èå ÌÇÈÑ ÓÇáã æ æÖÚیÊ ãÈåã æی ÏÑ Çáã?ی˜ ÈÑÇی ÑÞÇÈÊ ÈÇ ÑÖÇÒÇÏå äÏÇÑÏ¡ ?æیی ʘæÇäÏæ æ ˜ÇÑÇÊå æ ˜ÔÊی äÈÇیÏ ãÏÇá È?یÑäÏ æ ÇáÈÊå ˜å ÍÐÝ ÔÏä ÇÒ ÏÇیÑå ÍÖæÑ ÏÑ ÝæÊÈÇá Çáã?ی˜ ÝÇÌÚå äیÓÊ. ?æä æÞÊی ãی ÊæÇäیã ÏÑ Òãیä Îǘی åÇی ?æÏ ÔåÑÒÇÏ ÊیÛی ÈÇ È?å åÇی ˜یÇä ÔåÑ ÝæÊÈÇá ÒÏ¡ Èی˜ÇÑیã ÈÑیã Çáã?ی˜ !
ÂäæÞÊ È?å åÇی Êیã ãáی ÑÇ Èå åÒÇÑ ?äÇå ãی äÏÇÒیã ! ÂÎå ãی ?ä یæäÇä ÇÒ ÞÇäæä ÍÏÇÞá áÈÇÓ ( ÔãÇ ÈÎæÇäیÏ Bikini) ÊÇÈÚیÊ äãی ˜äÏ æ ÎáÇیÞ ãی ÊæÇääÏ ãËá ÂÛÇÒ ÚÕÑ ÒäÏ?ی ÈÔÑ Ñæی Òãیä Îǘی ÇÓÊÑی?¡ ÇÓÊÑی? ÏÑ Òãیä æ åæÇ ÑÇå ÈÑæäÏ.
ÍÇáÇ ÔãÇ ÈÇÔی یå ãÔÈ ÈÇÒی˜ä ÚÐÈ æ ãی ÈÑی Çáã?ی˜ ˜å Ïæ Êی˜å æ ی˜ Êی˜å æ ÇÕáÇ Èی Êی˜å ÈÈیääÏ ! äå ÏÇÔã ÇیäÌæÑی äãی Ôå¡ ÍÐÝ ÔÏیã ÚیÈی äÏÇÑå ÝÇÌÚå äیÓÊ. åÑ ˜ی ÇÒ ÎæäÔ ãی Ôیäå ÝæÊÈÇá ãی Èیäå. åÑ ˜ی åã ÍÑÝ ÏÇÑå ÂÏÑÓ ããÏی ãæÌæÏ ÇÓÊ ÈÑå ˜Ê˜Ô æ ÈÎæÑå äæäÔ ÈÏå ÏÓÊÔ ÈیÇÏ ÓÑ ÒäÏ?یÔ ! Óی ?ی ÇÕáÇ Çیä ãÑÏãæ ÍÑÝ ãی Òää ! ÝæÊÈÇáæ یÚäی ?ی ¿!
ÇãÇ ÚیÈ äÏÇÑå Çی ÌãÇÚÊ ÓÇÏå ÈÒäیÏ Êæ ÓÑ åã ÂÌÑ ÎæÑÏ ˜äیÏ Êæ ãáÇÌ æ åã ÊæÕیå È?یÑیÏ ÈÑÇی åÑ ˜ÇÑی æ åÑ ÈÇÑی !
æáی åی? ˜ÇÑی äÏÇÔÊå ÈÇÔیÏ ˜å ãÊæáی Çیä åã ÈÏÈÎÊی æ ÈÒä ÈÒä ˜یå æ ?ÑÇ ÊÇ Ïæ ÓÇá ÞÈá Çیä ÞÏÑ æÑÒÔ ãÇ ÎÑ Êæ ÎÑ äÈæÏ ! ÇáÈÊå ÈáÇ äÓÈÊ ÂÏã åÇ. æáی ÈÇæÑ ˜äیÏ Çیä æÑÒÔ ÇÒ ÏæÑ Ïá ãی ÈÑå ÇÒ äÒÏی˜ Òåáå ! ÂÎå ã?å ãی Ôå Êæ Ïæ ÓÇá ÈáÇیی Èå ÓÑ Çیä æÑÒÔ ÈیÇÏ ˜å åãå Èå Ìæä åã ÈیÇÝÊäÏ. åãå ?یÒ Ñæ ÈÝÑæÔäÏ æ ی˜ ÏÓÊå ÂÏã Èی ÎÇÕیÊ ÈÇ ÈåÇäå ÓÑãÇیå ?ÐÇÑی ÔÎÕی æÇã åÇی ˜áÇä Èå ÌیÈ ÈÒääÏ æ ÈÑæäÏ ÏäÈÇá ÚÔÞ æ ÍÇáÔÇä! ÈÇÈÇ ÌÇä ÂÎÑ ÚÇÞÈÊ Çیä ˜ÇÑåÇ äÇÈæÏی æÑÒÔ ÊäåÇ ÓÑ?Ñãی ÓÇÏå Çیä åãå ÌæÇä æ äæÌæÇä ÇÓÊ¡ Êæ Ñæ ÎÏÇ ÍæÇÓÊæä æ ÌãÚ ˜äیÏ !
?æá Çیä ÈÇÒی åÇ Ñæ äÎæÑیÏ. ?ÑÇ ÇÞæÇã ãÎÊáÝ Èå Ìæä åã ÇÝÊÇÏä ¿ ãÇ åãå ÇیÑÇäی åÓÊیã æ ÞáÈãæä ÈÑÇی æØäãæä ãی Ø?Ï ! ?Ó ÈÇÒی?å ˜ÓÇäی ÑÇ äÎæÑیã ˜å ͘ã ÌÇäی ÏÇáÑ ÈÑÇی æÑÒÔ ÇیÑÇä ÏÇÑäÏ !! ÈåæÔ ÈÇÔیã !

Thursday, April 08, 2004

There Are A Million Things...

That I can say about this right now.
But no man, no matter how verbose -
Can properly explain it.


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Dear, Mr. Daylight Savings...

I take back all of the bad things that I said about you. I'm sorry. I DO appreciate it still being light outside after taking a post work nap. So...I hope all is well with you, and I just wanted to let you know that I apologize, okay?

And I'm sorry for calling your mother a whore.


Tuesday, April 06, 2004


I walked past the comic book store after work today and saw a poster for a comic called Teen Titans Go! It's kind of like a superhero team for the Power Puff Girls age bracket. Anyway, the slogan of the cartoony version of The Teen Titans is Truth. Justice...Pizza. That got me to thinking about The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and how they were really into pizza. Then that got me thinking about how kids go apeshit over pizza. That got me thinking about that baseball game when I was young, and how my father told me that if I caught a flyball - then he'd take us all out for pizza. I fucked up two very important ones, one sailed over my head, and I dropped the next. Then my older brother punched me in the arm and called me an asshole. That got me to thinking how I build up how I want pizza in my head for weeks, order one, and then only eat two pieces. Only the Italians have a right to go apeshit over pizza. They created it. But they're also responsible for Tony Danza too, so fuck em'. I hate advertising that feeds the fuel of American fatties. I hope they put a bomb in your pizza next time. All this because of pizza. I hate you, pizza. Piss off.

This Is All For Now...

I'm Rick James, Bitch!

Thank You.

Monday, April 05, 2004

The Kids Of Widney High...

Life Without the Cow

Life without the cow, no more milk and cheese
No more New York steak, no more fertilizer

No more BBQ, no more leather shoes
No more butter on biscuits, no more Ben and Jerry's

But there is a cow, I see 'em every day
I seem 'em from the freeway in California
I can't stand my life without the cow

Life without the cow, nor more cottage cheese
No more hamburgesas, cowgirls or cowboys

No more saying "Mooo", no more "Cow and Chicken"
No more frozen yogurt, no more big brown eyes

Brahman Bull, Caucasian, Guernsey, Black Angus, Beefalo, Belted Galloway, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Corinthian Blonde, Texas Longhorn, Jamaica Red, Florida Cracker
(Solo over verse)

Friday, April 02, 2004

Mortimer Mouse...

Early in the morning, while working on The Great American Novel, I went outside to smoke a cigarette, and found a dead rat that the outside cat left for me on the doormat. I rolled it up in the mat and then tried to fling it into the bushes, but it sailed over them and landed on the neighbor's driveway with a splat. Then I went back inside and ate Mexican food.


Thursday, April 01, 2004

Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?...

Today for April Fools Day - I fooled myself.
Yeah, It was awesome.
I pretended that I was happy and liked my job.
I put a big smile on my face and pretended to be interested in conversations.
Everything was nice and shiny.
Perfect, new, and polished.
The air smelled of baby heads (still attached) and crisp linens.
I loved it.
I told myself that getting up in the morning was the best thing that I could've done today.
I told myself that I was proud of myself, that I've accomplished much, and that it doesn't get any better than this.
Everything was great until I crept up behind myself and yelled,

in my ear and punched myself in the face. My mouth was a bloody O with shattered teeth decorating the edges. I kicked myself in the crotch hard, and that's when I fell. I grabbed a fistfull of my own hair and slammed my head down hard into the pavement. The dull thud reverberated through my arm.

I kept on yelling APRIL FOOLS! as I repeatedly slammed my head into the ground.

It was hilarious. I totally made me believe it. I'm Such a Jokester. How did I come up with those things? Dude, wasn't that funny? Did you see the look on my face when I was punching me? I hope I'm not mad at myself.


I fooled me good.