Monday, January 31, 2005

An unusual pause, just staring at
The table, but not really,
More like seeing through it.

In the last two days I have written something and then erased it because it seemed like I was just writing something topical because of an inability to produce anything at the moment. If that's ever the case, then I guess I'd rather write nothing then. If you're getting paid for it or going to school for it - great. Otherwise, I'd rather just write off of the top of my head than pretend to care about something that comes very slowly. I don't know if that made sense. I'm listening to Crispin Glover sing These Boots Are Made For Walking and it's kind of distracting.

Running around and doing errands today was nice. It was sunny, I had things to do. I was young, everybody else was old and making weird maneuvers in their cars. I floated past them. Nobody pays attention to me anyway. I had a conversation about time with an auto mechanic who washed my windows for free. I saw a small dog with a cell phone attached to his back. I am still puzzled by this. So, does this mean that if your dog runs away - you lose your phone too? Or maybe you're afraid of losing your dog and pack another phone in your pocket and then use that to track him down?
I should've asked, but didn't because the lady looked hairier than her dog.

I think that I can feel myself waking up now. It takes that long. I'm basically asleep until the sun starts to go down. After that I'm fine and friendly. But I DO feel good running around during the day. I am a bit strange for a Southern Californian - I can only take the sun in small increments. I love the water but hate the heat. If I could just combine winter weather and sporadic rainfalls with inner body warmth than I'd be set. I live where I live and I haven't been to the beach in...four to five years or something like that. I've been to the ocean - but that was on boats and yacht thingys - beaches are annoying unless you're by yourself and I keep on meaning to buy a surfboard but...maybe I should stay home and write more instead. The beach can be for later...later, when I'm all big and fat, not recognizable like the Parisian Morrison and a fat Brando combined.

Nice, fat, drunk and insane.

Thanks to Guile for the comment he or she left me and there's your graffiti, dude.

Sharon Carter And Red Skull Return...

Everybody asks me to go out after I'm done at the bar and I usually shrug them off and politely decline. Then I get home and want to go. But then I would never go back out once I'm comfortable. And then tomorrow, when I call everybody - they'll all be working. And I'll do nothing. The end.

Friday, January 28, 2005

As Promised In My Last Comment...A Guest Post By---

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

All Comic Book And Music Nerds Must Make Themselves Happy With All Of This Stuff...

I now have twenty minutes to get ready to go out I've been told.

But what I really want to do is to continue sitting here in front of this stupid machine and to sell nerds my stuff. This means you. And what's sad about the whole affair is that if I was a nerd sitting in front of a different stupid machine - I would probably buy some of my own shit. This is the cyclical snake butt biting eternal problem, boys and girls.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Cassady VS. Bukowski...

I wish that people still found poetry readings interesting. Or poetry and poets for that matter. But nobody does anymore. I would like to be a professional poet. I would like to list that as my occupation. POET. Nobody would snicker. Nobody would think of Langston Hughes, Emily Dickinson or Walt Whitman. They'd equate me to the young Kerouac, to Michael Madsen, to Ender Wiggin.

I wish that they would give gift bags full of poetry at The Oscars. Tsunami victims don't need poetry, but Hollywood does. I wish that the United States recruited poets as diligently as they do young, poor males to enlist in the armed forces.

I wish that Marvel published monthly poetry comics about super heroes.

I wish that delis wrapped their sandwiches in wax paper with poetry printed on it.

I wish that MTV actually talked about lyrics.

I wish for TV reality shows based on drunken poets.

I wish that Gary Coleman wrote a book of poetry called Whatchoo Writin' Bout Willis?

I wish that every New York Times Bestselling Author was required to include a mini book of poetry in their novels, because I want to read The Da Vinci Code in Haiku.

I wish we could all sit around and read to each other by candlelight like we used to back in the day, coming home at the end of the night buzzed with beers and words and sleeping the good sleep. Dreaming the dreamy dreams.

I wish that nobody ever invented the term SLAM poetry, unless it involved a reading with Michael Jordan or that old rap group ONYX.

I wish that somebody would publish the thousands of pages of the poetry that I now have rotting away in boxes in the garage.

I wish poets and teachers made as much money as J-LO or somebody equally as undeserving as that.

I wish that Microsoft would include MICROSOFT POETRY to OFFICE.

I wish that you write something tonight and cry while you do it, either because it's really, really beautiful or really, really bad.

Same thing, I think.

Snap your fingers you smelly beatniks.

coo coo

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Oak Mot...

Today is my friend Baxter's birthday. This means that he's really old. This means that I got up early to go to brunch. I don't do this too often anymore because I have absoultely no appetite and because I'm such a lush - I end up drinking way too much champagne and end up all sleepy-headed pooey by evening. I'm a night owl, don't try to feed me mice whilst sleeping, dig?

I have to get ready to bartend now. Which makes no sense. I am buzzed and tired. I should be watching a movie in bed. I miss my old Sundays. Why do I write like a kid at summer camp does to his parents? Miss you lots. XXX


In honor of Baxter's berfday I give you this thing right here.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Just Say No To Skateboarding Recklessly For Years...

And to broken ankles that never mended and to tiring employment that requires you to walk around for thirteen hours non-stop. Because when you're as young as I am and you shuffle around like an 80 yr-old man, when you wince as you slowly limp up stairs - when you have that peg-legged pirate strut - you feel like a joke.


Not funny.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Hammer Of Ishmael Versus The Skull Of Randall Flagg...

I have about 348 things that I want to get done tonight. It's 11:38. Close to midnight, and now I can finally relax. And therein lies the problems, my sweet children...because that means that I probably won't accomplish SHITE.

But I did type something. That's one thing, at least. And I showered. Read three comic books. Smoked twice. Have had two beers. Something? No. Not really. But that's fine with me because Hemingway wrote like a horse and ended up shooting himself down like one eventually.

That was mean.

I'm sorry, Ernest.

Wait - no, I'm not. Ernest, you fucking dumbass.

Monday, January 17, 2005

When I'm Famous...

I still will have this BLOG. But I'll just be totally high while I'm writing it. That totally makes no sense - so...yeah. I guess I should've said something like...oh forget it. I'm not famous...and I said...BLOG. And I totally said TOATALLY like, a lot.

Oh. And if they like, gave out bombs instead of golden statuettes at the Golden Globes - then, I bet the acceptance speeches would be a lot shorter, huh?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

We'd Like To Help You Learn To Help Yourself...

last nights brilliant dreams and ideas
still unforgotten today
but all it will take
is a little more time
or a good nights rest
to forget how smart you were

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Does anybody know how to view what programs you have running on your computer at start up or whenever and then how to turn some of them off? I think that I used to remember how to get there before - but have now forgotten. My computer has been progressively running slower and slower as time has eked on. Combine the sluggishness of my computer with my inabilty to focus on anything for more than five minutes and you get an ABSOLUTE ZERO GOOGLEPLEX of everything and nothing. I have a PC and use XP. Thank you. TLA...

Yoda Was Smart To Stay On Dagobah...

"What the hell is she doing?" Kevynn asked. Taking another drag from his cigarette.

Dee squinted through the rain at the girl across the street. A white car had its emergency lights on and was parked off to the side of the busy street. The girl was pacing back and forth and mouthing into a cel phone.

"I don't know...maybe she's in trouble." Dee whispered.


So. We were in front of the house having a drink and waiting for Cartoon Pig and his girl to come over. We were going to grab some late-night appetizers and drinks at whatever place would still be doing dinner at 11pm.

I ran over to the girl in the rain and asked her if she needed help. She had hit a dog and was crying hysterically. I live across the street from a park, which is nice. There can sometimes be a lot of traffic, though - which is not. People need to slow the fuck down. This means YOU. Be good. Pay attention whilst driving. Put down your stupid-ass cel phone. Be careful.

I ran back to the house and grabbed some plastic bags, a blanket and a flashlight and then walked out into the street. I picked up the dog. He was tiny. Cute. Like a black and white-colored chihuahua mix, I think. Breath expunged from its mouth. I hoped that this was a good thing and not because of the last remnants of oxygen in its lungs. I placed the dog under a tree and checked it for injuries. The eyes looked like they were opening and I thought that I heard a couple of faint noises or whimpers as I talked to the now-apparent girl dog.

My girlfriend started crying.

The other girl started crying.

Time passed as we gave the girl support and condolences. As we were waiting for Animal Control to show up – we heard a crash from down the street. It was one of those dull, metallic, empty thuds that means a car accident.

Dee suggested that maybe I go down the street to check it out. I thought that it was farther down the street and I wanted to keep on petting the-now-I-thought-dead dog.

After the nice lady from Animal Control came and after we gave hugs to the crying girl who hit the dog and after we had warmed up and after Cartoon Pig and his girl came – we drove down the street to go eat. About a three minute jog where I had been standing shivering with my dead dog friend was one overturned SUV and two smashed cars. Glass everywhere. I didn’t look for bodybags. It started to rain harder.

Then I had a 10 oz. Filet mignon with Bleu Cheese and gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies, garlic bread, a Coke and six beers.

And then I went home.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Flair And Trying To Fall Down The Stairs...

Whatever you do...if you aren't already mired in it...

Don't you ever.


Work in a restaurant.

There are only two emotional options that working in this industry allow:

killing others
killing yourself

That's it.

Flo from Alice and Shirl from What's Happening don't really exist.

Bartenders and waiters are hummans on The Planet Of The Apes.

I'm done.

Thank you and enjoy your meal.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


So, out of all of the things that I wanted to write today - and after all of the hours that've passed - out of all of the things that I've been doing and not doing - out of having one great conversation while I was bartending last night with that one dude that pops up once every six months and looks sad and tired...

I forget it all.

Well, I actually started remembering things now that I started to write this - but I can save the good stuff and just leave the dregs here. Dregs are parts of uneaten eggs, I think. And if they aren't I think they should be called that - and I will start calling them that from now on. I can make these things happen just by saying it. That is how powerful I've become.

I write like Yoda. This is how lazy I am, yes?

I will not spellcheck because time is precious. Because idle time on the computer leads to hours of pointless perusals on Ebay. It leads to email checks that lead to sex sites. Leads to the anti-Oz.

I tried to wake up early today. I woke up earlier than usual. That's better than nothing. I remember waking up at four and eating pizza, chips, candy and drinking a coke. Yes. I did. Watched something that I forgot, but I think that it was good. I went back to sleep when the sun started pekking out through the recently ever-present rain clouds. Couldn't go to breakfast with my girl because I was gorging while she was dreaming. Sucks, huh? I sound like a closet bulimic.

What the hell did I do today? Was on the computer sporadically through the day - accomplishing nothing. I read way too much useless crap. Watched some Star Wars nerdy stuff with Tom. Went to Target and bought a bunch of crud for the house. Looked at pictures from New Years - remembered taking about half of them.

Cleaned a bit. Did odd jobs around the house. That sounded weird. Sounds like I get paid for doing chores. I don't. Maybe that's why I don't do much around the house usually. Called my father because it was his 70th birthday. He said that he didn't feel old until today. I told him that I felt old. He told me that I wasn't. I told him that I was. Sort of.

I listened to new cds. I am bored of them already. I watched all of the extras from the Garden State dvd and I think that I ruined my potential home-viewing of it because now I remember everything about the movie that I saw when it was in the theatres.

I think I will post a picture now. Tell mom not to worry. Don't forget to write. Be good. KIT. TLA. BFF. MLF. Signing out. Vote Kerry.