Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Writing is difficult sometimes

A lot more difficult when your current life is more drama-filled than you would like and the heart and soul slowly grinds like tectonic plates.
One of these days, many years from now when I’m wheezing away on my deathbed and watching my life flash before my eyes for the last time – I’ll soak in the life that I saw and say…
God damn, I’m glad that’s over.
And die.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aranoid Pandroid...

My energy?
Mount Vesuvius.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

When I Trip The Wire...

You get a picture of where I've been
I'm disappointed
and distracted
I hate
where this day ended up
It's best to be drunk
than to be with drunks
But I'm sober
Which is always good
But not tonight

Sometimes everybody else

fucks you up

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Choo Choo
says my train of thought
I've never followed it but
please give me time 2 slow down

when Zeus
visits mortals
when Osiris paddles
when R2 BOOPS
when Betty does too

Choo Choo
says my heart
I never paid for this trip
I can't pay 4 it

when spiritual leaders
play peek-a-boo
when Roy finds Roger
when words become sentences
when 1 does 2

blares my heart
and it hurts
but I paid for this
it's late
i need 2 sleep
and the cat is killing moths while i write

2day was hard
i'm making 2day soft

choooooo choooo

i have no idea what i'm writing about or saying
I DO know WHAT
i'm feeling



Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Four Years Old...

What’s your name again?


I thought your name was “Sexy.”

Ummm…what? Nooooo…

Sexy people always have bad hair.

...Sometimes that’s true, yes.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tom Waits - Take it with me

Phone's off the hook
No one knows where we are
It's a long time since I
Drank champagne
The ocean is blue
As blue as your eyes
I'm gonna take it with me
When I go

Old long since gone
Now way back when
We lived in Coney Island
Ain't no good thing
Ever dies
I'm gonna take it with me
When I go

Far far away a train
Whistle blows
Wherever you're goin
Wherever you've been
Waving good bye at the end
Of the day
You're up and you're over
And you're far away

Always for you, and
Forever yours
It felt just like the old days
We fell asleep on Beaula's porch
I'm gonna take it with me
When I go

All broken down by
The side of the road
I was never more alive or
I've worn the faces off
All the cards
I'm gonna take it with me
When I go

Children are playing
At the end of the day
Strangers are singing
On our lawn
It's got to be more
Than flesh and bone
All that you're loved
Is all you own

In a land there's a town
And in that town there's
A house
And in that house
There's a woman
And in that woman
There's a heart I love
I'm gonna take it
With me when I go
I'm gonna take it
With me when I go

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Snails, brittle stars, sea spiders and some marine worms...

dont care about work
dont care about dental plans
or taxes
or presidents
or Oprah
or Dennis Quaid's children
or Darfur
or The Panchen Lama

Snails, brittle stars, sea spiders and some marine worms

wear the same shirt everyday
and know that being on the computer often is a a waste of time
and that iphones, pods, tunes and pee freelys are nothing but jokes
in the grand scheme of things

Snails, brittle stars, sea spiders and some marine worms

sometimes cry when Sigur Ros plays
when memories flood parched circumstances and realities
when clothes don't fit anymore
and what you knew versus what you do now
don't do anything but blow doubt into the ventricles of your tired heart

Snails, brittle stars, sea spiders and some marine worms

sometimes play ferociously
think floating thoughts
wish earnestly
dream the impossible
hope for the best
and cry salty tears

if every silent
worldly thing
had a voice
about everything
then nothing would be said
about anything because
the majority of God's children
would rather talk about
Snails, brittle stars, sea spiders and some marine worms


nothing else

Where The Yellow Fern Grows...

I made friends with a dog that I thought was homeless tonight. I took care of her for a bit and was concerned/freaked out, thinking that I now had to do some investigative work or take in a dog that my landlord would never let me have. Ends up that that her owner doesn't keep an eye on her too well AND it ends up that you should never give a dog chicken when you have no dog food around.

Because now she won't leave. She's been outside my kitchen door, bedroom door, back gate and front door. I've been in this type of situation before but usually it's not a dog but a person that smells of cheap perfume or a friend that needs a place to stay for a month but ends up eating all of your food for the following six months. I'm doomed to these type of situations eternally.

In my past life I must have been Mother Teresa or....ummm...Doctor Doom.