Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Things you shouldn't tell your significant other unless she reads your blog part 1

The cute little, student farm down the street? The one that my girlfriend and I take our little dog to when he tries to crawl into the cow pens and whines when we take him away? The one also with the chickens, pigs, sheep etc?

I just found out that at the end of the year that the students have to either put down the cows or turn them into steaks.

Yeah, sucks. But maybe sucks more for my girlfriend than for me because I always expect the worst. If you told me that the Thanksgiving dinner I just had was filled with cyanide - I'd burp and ask for seconds.


Should I tell my girlfriend?


Boz said...

Tell your dog and let it tell your girlfriend.

dvl said...

just casually tell her they're not dairy cows.... hopefully she'll understand.

Lisa said...

No, no, no, nooooooooo!!
Poor girlfriend...she would be way too sad.

Fat Free Milk said...

Told her today - she's vehemently creating protest ideas in her compassionate little head.