Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Molly, Isn't A Cockle A Mussel Too?

Seriously bored out of my mind at job #2. Not #1 because #1 is well, #1 stupid. No, #1 job is not stupid - you're stupid for thinking that job#1 is stupid and not #1.

Yeah, and the city chopped down all of the trees around my house and in my backyard so now the place looks like dog shit and people will be able to see me in the patio area. Dummies.

Otherwise, I can't wait to get home and order the Bud-Light Combo, with a side of Vodka Redbulls and some extra cigarettes, please. And sure, why not super-size it?

Fucking brilliant weekend, this will be.


Peter Gasston said...

I just confused your site with Kevin Smith's site. What do you think of that?

kev said...

love it!

Lucky Star said...

All this talk of cocks and muscles....are you turning GAY, Malone???



I can't believe I'm such a 12 year old boy sometimes.

Although, to be fair, so are you--with all your #1 and #2 talk!!!


Will you please help a brutha out and at least give me a hint as to the whereabouts of your MySpace page? Somehow, I am now imagining you saying, "Well it's on, for starters..." That, for the record, would be a shitty and cruel-hearted hint.

Boz said...

Hey Malone, I'm waiting!

me said...

sorry - I thought I sent it - I've been drunk all weekend.

Boz said...

Hey, you'd better get with the program or I'll tell Lucky Star the location for your My Space account.