Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ghost Rider Versus Jack Sprat Versus The Haiti Kid...

I can't wait for a horrible tragedy to happen to me -

So, that I can truly appreciate how wonderful life is right now.


Lucky Star said...

Either that, or you could be fucking grateful, you ungrateful fucker.

I swear to Godiva, if you don't write a book soon I'm gonna lose it.

Fat Free Milk said...

Thank you - I was writing a bunch of stuff, but stuff that's easy to not work on because - it wasn't a book. "Irish After Midnight" might come out in a self-published way. Depends on how cheap I can do it.

And, when I say I can't wait for bad to make me appreciate good - I'm speaking for all of us. Kind of a world wake up alarm. We ALL need it.

toyhunter said...

Red astromech droid is a rare find on a hunt...I do believe I have one in my zoo, but I believe it is one.
The other hunters around town usually let one of those go for around $45.00, let me know if your zoo's budget can afford that, and I will let you know.

Lucky Star said...

I was terribly harsh, wasn't I? You're absolutey right: we, as a civilization, are spoiled little bastards who whine if our triple mocha cafe latte isn't exactly 170 degrees and who insist on driving idiotic things like Hummers and Suburbans--with no passengers...and the list goes on. We all suck and we could use a healthy dose of gratitude. But it was still fun to write "fucking grateful, you ungrateful fucker"...kind of poetic, in an abusive-stepfather kinda way.

AND. "Irish After Midnight" sounds great! Have you tried and Or did you want to just buy a bunch and do the shipping yourself? Ok, so you've probably researched this at least as much as I have, but I'm just struggling to supress the cheerleader in me! Good luck. Let me know when you're ready for buyers. :)