Saturday, August 20, 2005

Things That Make Me Happy In 2005 So Far...

Spider-Man Comics
Radiohead (still)
Remembering things that I've forgotten that I liked
Spider The Cat
Getting rid of stuff that used to be important to me - but is now...clutter
Getting drunk and shooting arrows in the backyard over with friends
Friends moving close
receiving books and skull head keychains in the mail
wearing ties to work. really? No. I'll scrap that.
shoot the moon
shut the box
singing out loud regardless if anybody's home
making my girlfriend laugh all of the time, even when she's tired and telling me to leave her alone and that she's trying to sleep
cleaning out my desk
visits from my sister
taking cruises
ending this so that I can tell Chris on the phone about the Darth Vader mask that he's going to buy for a crapload of money because he's an even bigger nerd than I am...

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