Thursday, May 19, 2005

People Are Watching It Right Now...

I'm a big fucking Star Wars geek. Always loved the movie - I'm in my late, late, late far...and grew up with an older brother, which helps you get into SW more. Could tell you a million stories about stuff and my recollections, blah, blah...

But why force this kind of crap just because the last movies's coming out?

I can't write or cram a million hilarious, nerdy stories into one night just because ROTS is coming out. I'm watching the damn movie tomorrow. I will be happy. I will get sushi afterwards. I will ask a lot of questions afterwards. My Jedi powers never surfaced, too, by the way.

So FUCK YOU, Palpatine!

Lying, sonofabitch.

You look like shit anyway.

I'm going to bomb the hell out of Toshi Station, just to do it - you bastards.

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