Friday, May 02, 2003

Hail To The Thief...

Listening to a burned copy of the new Radiohead album. Good stuff. I think I got drunk last night. Joe came over and we played video games and drank furiously. By the time he left, I was feeling a bit loopy. I think that my long day of work added to the effects of the alcohol. I tried to watch the first dvd from the Back To The Future box set, and apparently fell asleep because I woke up at fo' in the mornin' in my clothes and halfway on the bed. When the alarm woke me up, I felt like a bear had stomped on my tongue and shit in my mouth. I tried to get it together at work, but no amount of caffeine could save this poor child. All of my words were slithering out at a snails pace, and my gimpy leg was worse than usual. After work, I went to the library and paid my obligatory fines. I got a couple of reference materials for my girlfriend's school project, checked out a couple of comic books. David Boring by Daniel Clowes, and Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman. I got a Dragonlance book, the new Harry Potter dvd, and that White Oleander/Michelle Pfeiffer movie on vhs. Yes, we have all of that at my library. I'm spoiled, I know. All I got from there was kid Kevynn stuff. I feel no guilt about this. Crime and Punishment can wait, Doestyevsky-however-you-spell-your-name. Then went home and felt like poo. I read some comic book crap, then helped make dinner for my gal's friend's birthday. Then they left to go drink, and I stayed on this damn computer pretty much the whole time in between sessions of laundry. Now the girls are home, eating, smoking bowls, and asking me questions while I try to type this. It was a boring story, but probably is worse because of it. She asked if I wanted to hear about their night and for the third time I just told them no. People never get it. Drunk or not. Don't disturb people when they're trying to write. It’s like fucking with the insane, tripping a man when he's down, poking the wasp’s nest with a stick, tripping a legless man. Please don't talk. If I could find a good cave with high-speed internet access, I'd be there in a second, Bubbalicious.

You ever notice how two girls, drunk, and giggling, can make a house sound like it's being invaded by elephants? I give them twenty minutes and then they're going to pass out. Then I'll fart on their heads. Maybe that'll be my next AudioBlog.

Thank you, and goodnight. Bastards.

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