Monday, May 19, 2003

Anti Has The Coolest Link To Me On His Site...

So, I should be writing a report right now, but instead I'll tell you about the Mexican / Techno bar during that art show on Saturday. My girlfriend is one of those poopers that doesn't go for days, but then, when she needs to go - she needs to go. I accompanied her to the bathroom in the back of the art gallery, talked to, the owner, I think that's who he was, and found out they were out of toilet paper. I think that I ended up getting distracted by somebody and then I see my girlfriend again, she said that there was a bar down the street, but she had to buy a drink to use the bathroom, so she got me. Everybody knows I'm good for a few least.

This place was a thug-fest. They had tons of security there who checked out ID's and told us where the line started even though there was nobody there. Serious. There were more employees and security outside than customers inside. The only customers inside the noisy place were a couple of Cholas holding hands and running somewhere. My girlfriend practically ran too, but to the bathroom. So, I ordered a beer from a very nice girl. She seemed out of place. I tipped her a couple of bucks and she acted like I gave her a couple hundred. I shouldn't of tipped her and just given her my cell phone number and told her that I was DJ'ing a quincieneda on the weekend, would she like to come? I didn't have a place to sit. I was the only guy in the main loud room. The security force was outside. Louder music was coming from the side room that my girlfriend ran off to. I wanted to be close to the bathroom just in case she needed my help anyway. The music was so loud that I could feel it up my nose. There wasn't anybody in this room except for two guys trying to fix an overhanging light. I tried to lean against a wall and look tough or interested. I felt like a narc or an FBI agent. I went outside to the patio with the security force. My gal finally came back and told me that there were shower curtains in the girl’s bathroom instead of doors?

Anyway she felt better and then I had to finish my beer. We were feeling out of place and making jokes to ourselves and wondering who the hell actually went there. Where were all the people? Of course that’s when more friends started to arrive for the art show. I could tell they were kind of surprised; it must of looked kind of weird. I'm in an art show down the street and I'm hanging outside of the Mexican / Techno bar on the patio with The Mexican Mafia. I wanted to tell them what the hell I was doing there, but my girlfriend would've been embarrassed. They had drinks at the art show, so there wasn't any reason why I'd be down the street. After that a couple of friends that I haven't seen in a while saw me at the scary bar too. Same thing. We finally came back. I drank more. That's about it. I want to call the Mexican /Techno bar right now and ask them if they have music, and ask them if they can accommodate a party of two hundred.

Lick It. Goodbye.

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