Saturday, January 20, 2007


Wrote "Replay". Mormon master of Sci-Fi. Even better with her new nose. Where is he? Used to be cool. My oldest buddy. Could beat up Butler Jarvis in a fight. Writing genius. R.I.P. R.I.P. Soon to fight The Marvel Zombies. Duck, duck - DRUNK! M.I.A. R.I.P. R.I.P. Never finished the four books I've had at my disposal. Miss her. R.I.P. Drank aplle juice on stage. Gummy Bear-y juice. Hot. Went down like a bitch. Genius. Donde esta el Panchen Lama, chintos? D.L.M. es yr berfday. Wil Wheaton and I talked blogs b4 They Might Be Giants played. Iron Fist. Still can't find that book. (sigh). The Four. Ugly behind an iron mask. Bck in black, Spidey. Sederra. Love. Juliette and The Licks. Porno. Jae Lee. Rodney Mullen. Lincoln. The Diviners. Sarah Brown. Obesity meets Crispin Glover. Where are you? Beer. Where are you? Minotaur. R.I.P. Dee. Dharamsala. David Greybeard. Drexel. Rob Lowe. Ramona. Elmore Leonard. Frank Miller. Free staring tomorrow. Zod. Ghost Rider. Che Guevara. Shemp. For Better Or For Worse. Choamsky. Roge. Adderral. Marriage. Foghorn Leghorn. Soup. Lycanthropes. Black Pepper. People. Hard-to-do. Ritalin.

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