Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I'm kind of nuts sometimes. I get in these moods where I decide to be bad and just start drinking through self-created bouts of madness. When I was playing poker with the guys the other night, I decided that I was totally bored and so I brought vodka. Ummm...hmmm...that's interesting. Vodka? I don't like vodka. When everybody asked me what I was drinking, I said, "Red Bull and Vodka". When they asked why I told them that I was bored. Hmphff. Okay. Bored. You're playing poker. Bored? Weird's more like it.

Yesterday was Bukowski's birthday so I decided to get really drunk. Made sense to me. It still makes sense to me, actually. Bukowski's birthday! I got pretty darn drunk too, I guess, In honor of ol' Hank Charles -


I also did wake up this morning, forgetting that I had shaved my head down to stubble at my friend's house. I had a mohawk for a while too last night and I DO remember being bummed out that I couldn't keep it.

So. Now my head is cold.

I think I need to calm down when I get home. Watch a movie or something. Sort some comic books. Eat some sushi. Drink some water. Calm down.

This week isn't even half over yet
and I've already lost my money
and my friggin' hair.


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