Thursday, June 26, 2003

If Your Beers Are Too Warm, It's Time To Get Air Conditioning...Or To Drink Them Faster...

Wow. Apparently, I was added to the links section of a radio show hosts web page. I vaguely remember seeing some hits late last night, but I was too drunk to really know what was happening.

Whomever you are I'd like to thank you for adding 400 and counting hits to my itty, bitty site today.
Next time I see you, I'll make sure to get somebody to rub your crotches for you. Serious. Thank you, Catherine Martin for referring me. I like the description. You don't happen to be the same cheerleader that went to my high school that was a junior when I was a senior that went by that name? You were really hot, and we got together a number of times, but you talked like a baby, and had the smarts of a buffalo? A retarded buffalo? You talked in some kind of lispy, baby language with your best friend Donna? And she was pretty too, but had a messed up lip because your dog bit her in the face when the both of you were young? And both of your families sued each other, yet you were both still friends? Can I say both again, please? Somebody killed the dog afterwards. You both probably saved the shotgun shell and talked him to death, huh? No, wait...That was Catherine Marshall. Sorry. I'm glad that you weren't her, Catherine. Even if you were, I'd still thank you. You're in my cool book.

Yo Te Llamo. And, ummm...Remember The Alamo.

You all make me tingle in a bad way.

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