Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Demi Moore Thinks That Men Who Don't Use Spell check Are Sexy...

It's always nice to get called in to work when you have the day off, but it's all over, so - no worries. Afterwards, when I was walking out towards the parking lot, I saw the homeless guy that I always see around who carries the silver briefcase. Murder was the briefcase that they gave me, Snoop says...anyway...Demi Moore on Letterman? Hold on. Wow.

So, I say hi. To the homeless man - not Demi Moore, I ask if he's hungry. I was carrying home some food. He tells me that he's got a toothache, and he finds it hard to eat. He sometimes screams out in public or talks to himself, but I always make it a point to talk to him, and he always snaps out of it, is really polite, and quick to go back to talking or screaming right after we exchange pleasantries. Tonight, I gave him some money again and then he told me that I looked like a movie star, that I looked like Bruce Lee's son or something. Ha, that was great. I've never gotten that before. I was about to bust out with the obligatory Harry Potter comparison that I get because of the spectacles. Spectacles - the Greek god of seeing. Testicles - the Greek god of fertility. Demimooreiclies - my god, how hot is she?

Uh, yeah - so, my homeless friend said that I loked like Bruce Lee's son. I was afraid to ask if I looked like him now, or when he was alive. The he said that I looked like a Hollywood actor or something, that he wished me the best, and that I'll be a super rich star. Super Rich Star. I like that. I told him to wish me good luck, and he did. And then I went home in my dusty car that I haven't washed professionally in almost a year.

Am I a Super Rich Star? Only if you make me feel like one. Homeless or not.

Thank you, briefcase man...

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