Thursday, May 22, 2003

Reed Richards...

What the hell is going on? I was running around today, everything felt off. Or, at least off-er than it's often off-ness. My god, I feel bloated. I barely ate. Why do I feel like this? Must be my period again. I'm glad that today's whole shindig is over and that I can relax and do nothing. Fucking A. I read my new Spider Man comic book. It took me a whopping two minutes. It's funny that I'll look forward to something that takes a shorter time to finish fill in the blank. Fuck the T.V. Fuck my new Orson Scott Card book. Fuck the two movies that I just rented from the library. What the hell were they? Oh. The Thin Red Line. I remember hating that in the theaters and being bored with it, so why am I renting it? You tell me, sugar. What was the other I going to have to walk over to it now? God(s) damnit. It's my own fault. I mentioned it...okay, hold on..whoa! I think that I just saw a tracer come off of my finger. That was crazy. I'm freaking out. I need to clear my head. I'm seeing crap. Get up, Kevynn...,.,.,.,lkl;kl;jgbhcjkhjvuufih

Damn, how could I forget? The Big Lebowski, you bastards. Or bastrads. Or bastiches. I want to take a bath. That would be nice. But it's uncomfortable. I remember when my toes would barely touch the edge of the tub. Now it looks like somebody threw a green bean in a Sucrets tin. Too much lankiness to fit.

Lick it. Goodbye. I hate Sucrets. No spell check. No Five dollar boom boom.

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