Monday, May 19, 2003

I'll Post ABout Pooing In The Mexican Techno Bar When I Get Back From Robbing/Going To The Bank...

Her Melly-ness over at Coffee For One will send you kitty pictures. You should send her some art or pictures or toys or something for her new desk at work. You better be nice to her too because she's, like, a nurse or something, and she'll spit in your drip bag / I.V. thing if you're rude and she meets up with you in a hospital. Her and Amy Choppa are also my internet fiancees. Yup, this summer we're gonna throw a Utah / Internet / three-way marriage party. Boz needs to register with the Universal Life Church and to start thinking up what he's going to say in the ceremony. Gifts will be nice. Yup.

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