Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Unpublished on 11/28/17, 4:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time

There will never be enough words
and enough time
to fill the space that i need
in all of the emptiness that youve provided
and in all other voids that exist within all of the voids

i cant
ive known this
dont you?

i have
i do
ive tried harder
sometimes i dont try at all defintely dont do as much as some
and maybe i can do more
i try
but I know that its a lot more than you

at least ive tried
and, hey
this place is my constant

rememebr that its usually been your choice
as to how much you continue to look at the person in front of you
or of the things that the person in the mirror that painds you in the mirriri
its been up to you as to how much time that oiuyve been choosing to stare into the abyss
teyre the person who has a lot less control than you do
ans also remember
becaus etheyre the ones who have to see their oreflectionion in the mirror
and also remember

the abyss could also be saying the same thing about you right now

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