Sunday, August 13, 2017




Lisa said...

You still BLOG HERE????? Fuck. I do not still bore housewives, or whatever the heck it was I was up to, but I have started dabbling a bit again elsewhere...
Tell me this, Maw-loan, why the FUCK aren't we famous yet?? I mean, you probably have an entire old-skool set of encyclopedias worth of brilliance on your hard drive somewhere - why haven't you magically transported it to the land of large publishing company editors??? I've read some of the shit that gets properly published, and it is, as I've mentioned, SHIT. So...........could you please hook a sister up and fill my bookshelves with verdant, rich, brutal, perfect words?? And no, that wasn't a sexual metaphor; like I said, I'm not that housewife ho anymore, but seriously. Do it. Just like, DARE, man.
p.s. pardon my (not) french, and
p.p.s. this makes me miss the gruesomely interactive days of ACTUAL BLOGGING. sob.

Fat Free Milk said...

Hi, Lisa! It's impossible to convey how humbling and so very necessary right now it is to read this. Thank you for always being an amazing supporter of my yammering smatterings. DUDE.

Also, I'll write more later but I have to go because I have to pretend to go to sleep.

Lisa said...

Dude, indeed. :D