Thursday, February 21, 2013


And the reason that you don't write as much as before is because
you wrote so much before
you see paper and want to write on it
you have ideas and clever thoughts and movie things and poems
business things

but you don't
not as much
and you're cool with it

And the reason that you don't write as much as before is because
no rush
it's frustrating, I KNOW
I'm older now
LIFE got older
more important

We're getting older

I want to write about this TOGETHER.

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Anonymous said...

This is an IM chat I had with my dad in 2005.

COVbECKERS: zooooooooooooooooom



RocketShipdreamS: tell your brothers they need to chill

COVbECKERS: whoa!!! weigh kewl!!

RocketShipdreamS: whoa dad, you are so hip

COVbECKERS: Yep. Plus, I also have a little tummy

RocketShipdreamS: yeah, but your ass is SO huge

COVbECKERS: hey, i resemble that accusation

COVbECKERS: plus, its cute

RocketShipdreamS: according to mom

COVbECKERS: yep. so's hers

RocketShipdreamS: AHHH

COVbECKERS: indeed.

COVbECKERS: by the way , ahhhh is just haaaa spelled backwards

RocketShipdreamS: this is true

RocketShipdreamS: and you have a train named after you


RocketShipdreamS: naw dude

RocketShipdreamS: BART

COVbECKERS: Aw, yea, Weigh far out kewl!

COVbECKERS: awe sum

RocketShipdreamS: when I was in the 2nd grade and I told my little friends that my dad's name was "Bart" they thought it was so cool

RocketShipdreamS: because it's like...Bart Simpson

COVbECKERS: No, not Bart Simpson. Bay Area Rapid Transit

RocketShipdreamS: look how much time they're saving

COVbECKERS: Yea, and having fun riding on my cars

RocketShipdreamS: Dad, I think rather than having an e-mail battle with your brothers

RocketShipdreamS: you guys should just meet up behind the Gym at 4:00 and duke it out

COVbECKERS: I would win because they are woooo sees

RocketShipdreamS: I dunno, I think Uncle Alan packs a punch

COVbECKERS: yea, a fruit punch

RocketShipdreamS: that's not nice

COVbECKERS: better than a salad bowl

COVbECKERS signed off at 11:34:20 PM.