Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chess. Smoke. Poem. Soda Pop. Jeanette Walls. Smoke. Hulu/ = Sleestak-hissing sleep.


Rag Doll Design said...

i enjoy your writing especially the streamofconsciousnessidont giveashitwhosreading this stuff. i really thought the story of the Christmas tree lot/bunny steppage was quite touching. i will be sure to add you to a list i keep in my head of stuff to read instead of working (which is what im supposed to be doing now but cant bring myself to draw a martini glass before i have had my first coffee or cigarette)yes i smoke its better than me going crazy. i apologize for my lack of capitalization and clear disregard for any sort of obeisance to laws of punctuation. i simply cant keep my mind flowing if i have to stop and do that, plus im lazy and that's probably key.

ps do you still have your target wallet? i make mine out of old design mags and clear packing tape...yes girls are supposed to carry purses whatever

pss yes im a lunatic, but not in a stalk you and send you dead cats sort of way, more like in a buy 5 buckets of pink paint and some rollers and turn the bank of america into a piggy bank sort of way.

Fat Free Milk said...

Thank you so much! It's funny, your comment here reads like a blog post to me. I like it. Also, that bunny story is totally true but I ate it afterward. KIDDING.

Boz said...

Oh yeah, get my hopes up about eating the bunny, and then gob smack me back to reality with the KIDDING.