Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Me likes to eat good stuffs. Likes the good stuffs wet and the good big, heavy hands on my top. Me pees and am hapy and likes the patpatthumpthump and realeez like the wets slopeez good stuffz, slippee good food. Yum. I like itz.

My head iz tired alotz and I like the warm thing from the sky and fun and play.

I like tha big man with the sleep eyez and the beteer smellingz womanz whoz tall and pretty eyes with the sparkle thing in herz eyes too and the smile like dreamz things when I kick my legs when sleeping.

I like themz so much makes hapy deep in my belleez.

Heaven iz combiningz nice food stuffz and themz peoplz that are good.

Puppy Iz happy most happy when always sleepy taller and shorter sparkle eye hapy making me hapy also mean more tummy and food tummy for me

I like sun hapy warm no worms

Water okay boring water

Dogs mean big dog scared sometimes why?

Wet hapy

Ears pet good belly love big hands tickle

Love puppy iz tired

You love me feed food happyz me eyez

In dreamz always pleez?

Luv yo alweezyowr puppeez

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