Saturday, April 19, 2008

When I Trip The Wire...

You get a picture of where I've been
I'm disappointed
and distracted
I hate
where this day ended up
It's best to be drunk
than to be with drunks
But I'm sober
Which is always good
But not tonight

Sometimes everybody else

fucks you up


seakitty said...

i usually don't comment.

and obviously it's open for interpretation...

but you ended up taking responsiblity for comforting a drunk girl, so full of drama, she overspilled onto you?

Fat Free Milk said... don't really want to know what I was writing about - do you? I like your interpretation better than my inspiration!

SeaKitty said...

i'm nosy

Fat Free Milk said...

No, you're not! Thank you for reading my ramblings!