Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fields And Streams Of Unconsciousness…

Regardless of how much one whines and complains about the lack of things that make you happy – sometimes absence does make the heart grow fonder. Sometimes one grows fonder of having one less responsibility. Sometimes one is glad to not throw out withered word-petals at a funeral procession that’s already passed you by.

Your grief hangs over my head like Louisiana humidity.

My concern for you swaddles my heart.


I wade through the fields and streams of unconsciousness

Not knowing if I should turn back
or continue to plod forward


My concern for you
replaces my usual unspoken words
with the ones
I say out loud to you


matt said...

"Your grief hangs over my head like Louisiana humidity." Nicely said, good sir.

Lisa said...

it sounds like all is going well...because these words are good, and there are sperm.

Happy birthday. We are 31. Which is somewhat cooler and also so much less cool than being 30.

Absence always makes my heart grow fonder of my is their presence that irks me. hee...

kev said...

Im at an Apple store in the mall...and I'm scared...