Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Payment Summary...

Sometimes you catch yourself being yourself - and you don't understand how you managed to grow up and become a dick. You start to tap your finger against your temples and then stop when brain starts to ooze out.

I feel like a million bombs reproduced at the rate of cockroaches and had an orgy in my gut and have now exploded. All that's left now - are regrets, memories and my two pointy fingers.

This is how I'm typing the drivel that you're reading now. But I'm leaving red blood marks on the keyboard letters.

I don't know why and when I became a wandering Frankenstein. Ask the Doctor. Ask the millions of innocent, little girls with snapped necks that I've left behind in my travels.

I am not a nice man.

I am not a nice monster.

I am not ANYTHING.


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