Saturday, November 01, 2003

halloween, kevynn says...

it's november first now. this is monique, by the way.

i'm at a kickass halloween party at the honorable kevynn's house. a fuckin' HOTASS skunk is looking over my shoulder. i've had a rad time and had my share of drinks. it rained, which it hasn't done in probably like a year now here in socal.

but it's november first. not only does this mean that i should already have (did i mention that there's a hot chick in a wedding dress with a kitty pillow stuffed in her abdomen laying on a waterbed not ten feet away?) six pages written for my novel, but my first twenty-ninth birthday is now officially a week away.

i just realized that i'm writing like this is my site and it's not.


people are crashing on the floor behind me. there are sleeping bags and comforters ABOUT. and then someone said, "dude, someone is typing right quick." the response: "someone's got spicy hands."

i love this party.

i better sign off and hit my own site soon. kevynn's gonna be mad in the morning.

p.s. i hate it that it's valuable to my job that i can type like this.

p.p.s. check it out, beeyatch.

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