Tuesday, July 22, 2003

One Word...

The mall is a poor substitute for the movies. By the time that I recovered from my bartending madness, it was too late for me to seriously consider anything that required effort. Yes, going to the movies was too much for me when I woke up. By the time that I got it all together, and the girlfriend was so sweet to make me a sandwich, and by the time that I got distracted by the Woody Allen movie, and I watched it even though that he's a pervert, and fucked over Diane Keaton, no, wait-that was Mia Farrow, right? And he used to take naked pictures of his adopted daughter and then he married her right? Anyway, it was a good movie. I didn't mean to watch the whole thing, but even though he's a freak - it was very clever, and I like how he writes himself into movies, and he's always the romantic interest even though that, sometimes his wife / gal is hot - but I guess that I would do the same thing too. I fogot what I was going to say, but I need to disconnect this computre because it's going to the doctoe tomorrow. I'm not really that priveliged. I can't write on this anywhere else. I wish that i could write again on the notebooks with blue ink. Ny stuff was better than, and it made a lot more sense. But I used to write for a couple of magazines and al i got was hate mail anyway. No, not really. Actually, some people sent me action figures and money. that was nice.

So. I went to the mall instead of the movies. I fucking hate the mall. I haven't been there in awhile. there were a bunch of new restaurants. Wow. Young girls. No comment. I was only there to get a new battery in my punk rock watch and to have them take three links out of my grown-up watch. My wrists are little boy wrists, so the grown-up watch never fit. Mission acconplished. Then I bought a shirt that I shouldnt've bought. No spell check.

End of story.

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