Friday, December 22, 2006

I Have Another Blog...

And I just wrote something much funnier than this on it.

Much funnier.


Grampa said...

Blow me.

Then send the new web address to my email.


Lisa said...

God damn you to everlasting genital wart Hell!!

Or..."Could I please I have the URL?"

Erin said...

I also need the URL.


me said...

Hi Erin! hi Lisa! Hi Grampa! See, I'm being a snot because I really can't give out the URL - it hasn't even appeared on Goggle searches yet. It's work-related but's one of my many duties for one of the many companies that I work for that keep planet Earth spinning. I do think that, so far, st times that it's been pretty funny - nobodys reading it right now either because our company's doing the big web launch in the next couple of weeks...I've been reluctant to have my real name attached to the work blog - that's basically the equivalent of what I've done here, back when I was read by a smattering od peoples on the intarweb....huh?

Lisa said...

Ok, ok, FINE.

But the least you could do is send us personalized updates of each and every project you're working on every time there is something 'good'.

...did I say "least"? I"most". But the least you really could do is to post excerpts of stuff. This post was just plain mean.


Fat Free Milk said...