Tuesday, February 11, 2003

My Drunk Post...

Does anyone else fall asleep to Empire Strikes Back?
I'll be dreaming about Amazing Spiderman issue fifty that's going to be coming out soon.
Trying to keep warm?
Dreading work?
Thinking about death?
About life?
About money?
And your sweet ass?
I want to dangle babies over balconies in my dreams.
I want to forget about your face.
I want to forget about your feces.
I don't ever want to face your feces.
I don't ever want to eat Reeses Feces.
If I ever met E.T., I'd expect him to be rich and to buy me a drink.
If I ever met Elliot, I'd ask him where Gertie was.
If I ever met Tom Green, I'd probably skate with him and never ask him anything after that.
If I ever met you, I'd be scared.
If you ever met me, You'd be scared.
If you ever met me, you'd know that I never get enough sleep.
If the world was a light bulb, I'd be the thin, wire filament glowing and fading in the center of it all.
If time was any faster, I'd be pissed.
If time was any slower, I'd be pissed.
I am aware that Gene Hackman played Lex Luthor.
I am aware that Billy Dean Williams was in both Batman and Empire Strikes Back.
I am aware that The guy who played Jek Porkins in Star Wars was in Batman also.
I am wary of the new Daredevil movie.
I am horny for Jennifer Garner.
Jennifer Garner is not horny for me.
I am in fear of Valentines Day.
I am scared of fat cupids.
I am scared and sacred.

Goodnight/day, punks.


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