Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I'm Going To Hell...

Coming back from the comic book store. I walked out and heard a crunch. I looked around and saw a big red truck pulling out of its parking space and it crunched a purple truck as it was coming out. I started to walk towards the red truck and then it took off. I thought I may have imagined the sound, but why would I think that? So then I went in my car and to the video store. I rented The Good Girl, Igby Goes Down, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Should I have tried to chase down the red truck? Asked anybody in the comic book store if they had a purple truck? Should I have actually checked it out to see if it really got hit? I didn't do anything. So, was I an irresponsible citizen? Did the rain distort my vision? Will karma kick my butt? Am I going to hell?

Or am I just going to hell because I rented My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

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