Friday, October 18, 2002

Things I have learned recently:

I am the undisputed master of "Connect Four,
the game with the red and black checkers
and those yellow slots that they slide down.
Y'know what I'm talkin' about.

That dried out crickets seasoned with
lime and pepper given to you
from the Mexican chefs at work aren't bad.

That I must be a real big dork. I got a job offer to host karoake.
The girl said that I had it in me and that she's never asked anybody before,
she said I would be good. To let her know. Oh man.

Don't ever tell anybody you're going to the bathroom at your place of employment.
Especially ill-humored co-workers. They turn out the lights on you and you
end up in a dark and stinky stall pooping out digested Mexican snack crickets
with an HTML book in your lap that you cant read anymore.

Yup. That's all of the knowledge that I've absorbed in the last twenty-four hours.

Oh, and one other thing that I've learned......

That I should've stayed in college.

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