Thursday, April 22, 2010

there is an alien spacecraft hidden in a hangar in Roswell

and a fountain of youth to be found somewhere on this desk
amongst the forgotten bills, Astromech Droids, toothpick sculptures, 
old hospital wristbands, office supplies, tissues, packets of chewing gum, 
crossword puzzles, scratched CDs, Flarp, Dewbacks, Empty Redbull cans,
old phones, candy, mice, DVDs, notebooks, shoes, socks, newspapers, 
magazines, to-do-lists, regrets, scattered pictures, electrical cords,
grocery store receipts, drumsticks, shoes, hot sauce packets, hats,
plastic masks, bathroom towels, drawings, scribblings, smatterings,
all thoughts-not-necessarily-Earth-shattering, envelopes, cigars,
paper clips, keychains, Pez dispensers, dust bunnies, books,
tears, socks, incense sticks, various silverware, mason jars,
water bottles, chocolate, guitars, crayons, mistakes,
paintings, peanut shells, Red Rum,
Clown piggy banks, Jesus puzzles,
fifty-cent bouncy balls, scotch tape,
walking canes and discarded nipple rings.

a glaring truth
of a misspent youth

to be found somewhere on this desk


shut up christine said...

you're back! you have been missed

Fat Free Milk said...

Thank you!