Friday, January 02, 2009

Mark MacGavern

is the homeless man that I met tonight as I was walking home
he gave me a good book list
was calm and pleasant to talk to
I told him that I had tried to volunteer at one of our local churches
I was curious what he needed and invited him to my house
I have all of my old clothes that don't fit me anymore, canned goods and a lot of Hagan's old camping equipment, a sleeping bag, etc.
I gave him money that he reluctantly accepted
and tried to give him my Steinbeck
he wasn't interested and showed me what he was reading
All he needs is hot, washed blankets
Now, I have that covered
and I spent two hours in the cold on a bench with him
just because I said hello
Mark looks like Rasputin and Zack Galafinakis
man to man
about words
we are
both strong men

I'm sorry to see how things have gone in my life lately
but I never would've had this moment tonight
if I hadn't already fucked up the one I had


but I remembered the old me from a long time ago
and I think the one that you loved

The one that I LOVED

Thank you, Mark.


Rachel Christmas said...

I've learned a lot from the homeless, but never had a thing to teach.

Fat Free Milk said...

I hope that we continue to be friends, RPAN.

And I hope to see you when I see you.

Be good.

And better.

Love, Kevin.