Sunday, June 17, 2007

Milk Free Fat

I'm done and done with working
I'm done and done with thinking
I'm done and done with peeking at
all of the dreams I'm envisioning

I'm done with dumb
and think I'll plumb
the darknesses
that my bright days have become

I'm down with words
and floundering, for sure
Life is creatively frustrating
My heart and brain is like a crack whore
and so you just shut up
and don't get in my way
I'll carve you up
my mind can kick your mind's ass

the end


bhooradley said...

Uncle Joey?

Danny Tanner here.

The young girls like the site.

Sadly, I just know how to carve marionettes and make Facebook groups for lobotomy rehabilitation. If you ever hear of anyone that might benefit, have them check out the Riverbend Running Stabbers, Boobies!, Monkeys! or one about Rod Stewart used to work at Southgate Mall. Trepanation enthusiasts find them as therapeutic as a faucet to their brain. I swear I heard Hawking type these ones giddily one time too.


kev said...

Dude - whatever that wasw, it was awesome.

Fat Free Milk said...


Fat Free Milk said...