Thursday, February 15, 2007

Warcraft, Warhammer, Guild Wars, Warren Buffet...

Just got done reading a Wiki entry in regards to World of Warcraft because I'm old and needed to read about what I don't know. I used to play Star wars Galaxies for a tiny bit (I received it as a present) but even then I didn't have time. My computer's too old to play games anyway. I have an XBOX that I rarely play but I did play last week. I played The Godfather game and it's pretty darn good but when 4:30 a.m. rolled around - I remembered why I stopped playing video games much.

So, here the question: If I DO want to play video games at least a little, but still read, write my movies/stories/blog/work projects, do ebay stuff, organize comics, do household stuff and spend time with my girlfriend (which involves TV and movie watching, eating and touching each other and stuff) - How does one manage to do it?

Did all of that make sense?

Anyway - tell me now...I'm waiting.


thedexter said...

Get a love Mecha like Jane in Artificial Intelligence.

...but make sure she's backwards compatible.

Boz said...