Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm Too Lazy To Kill You...

I ordered a pizza.
Got home.
It looked and smelled great.
Like arcades or Chucky Cheese.
but it tasted a

They forgot to put cheese on a fucking pizza!

And then who was too lazy to go back because they were on break and didn't want to wait for another thirty minutes?

And who thought that it was pointless to go back because nobody there spoke english and maybe I might've said something that was translated to "please, don't give any of that horrible cheese."

And who now thinks that's probably why the pizza was only $7.99 with three toppings.

I ended up shredding cheese on it myself. This helped. No, it didn't.

This whole experience was obviously painful enough to warrant writing about it.

My head hurts.


Boz said...

That is so very very sad.
Next time order one without crust.

kev said...

Dude. There's like - three people on here at once. Im famous.

Purple Viper said...

Pizza with no cheese is not even pizza at all. I woulda got shitty. Of course, that's just me...

House of Suz said...

Go here, you've got a good one.

Rosa said...

who forgets the cheese!