Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Little, Itty-Bitty, Sister Wrote This...

identity crisis

So, anyone been through an identity crisis? Not like, "am I cool enough" crisis, or "I'm gonna dye my hair blue and move to San Francisco" crisis, but the "what the fuck am I gonna do with my life" crisis. Cuz, man, let me tell you, I feel OLD. There's nothing wrong with working, granted I have been a tad lazy lately, and I hafta work to be sane, but WORK SUCKS. After being in school and working since freakin 9 years ago, I am tired of all this. The community college wears me down.Don't get me wrong, I gotta learnded what them smart folk know too. But not only does it suck to go to school after a nine hour day or going into a bazillion hour day, you hafta deal with the "oh, you graduated from westwood? So did I! I graduated in 2005, when did you?" A fuckin billion years ago. And people say to me, "oh sindy, you are still so young" and , "you have all the time in the world and at least you are going". SCREW that. I need MONEY man. So , that's my first bloggy type gripe. I am sick of the back and forth, the whining and the procrastination, I am gonna get my shit done. Cuz god knows I can't be slingin the dog poo and vomit and whoring the chihuahua clothes line the rest of my life. amen.


Lisa said...

I'll tell you what I tell your brother: just find a sugar daddy. Works wonders.

...he hasn't taken my advice, so I imagine you won't, either. Piss. Well, the next thing I would do is quote Wilson Phillips at ya, but that would be depressing in at least 14 different ways. I am in college, too, and I'm as old as Kevynn, so I suck more. (but if I suck more, does that make be better at it, or worse??)

Welcome to blogger hell.

Fat Free Milk said...

Nice. See, Sindy Malone? People care...about eating your BRAIN! Blarghhhhh.

Anonymous said...

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Media Yenta said...

greatest picture ever, hang in there

Kathy Malone said...

Hey Sindy, this is Kathy, I didnt know you said badwords sometimes! Hope you didnt hear them from me! Miss you, hope you are doing well anyway!